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How to Patch a Lawn

December 5th, 2011 Gardening

Everyone enjoys a luscious lawn that is thick, soft and green. It's comfortable, appealing and can make your home look welcoming and well-maintained. The key to a fabulous lawn is plenty of care and upkeep, but sometimes, despite your best efforts, some parts of your lawn go bare. Whether you have a dog who goes to the bathroom in the same spot all the time or have simply noticed a few sparse areas, they're easy to fix. Here's the how-to according to The Home Depot and DIY Network.

Prepare the soil
Start by getting rid of any weeds or dead grass that is still covering the spot. You may want to go about 6 inches beyond the perimeter of the spot if you want the best results. Turn over the soil and get rid of any roots or rocks. Work in some compost or manure, then smooth and firm the area.

Sprinkle the seed
Follow the directions on the seed package to figure out how much to lay down, then sprinkle it on top of the spot. Use a rake to cover the seeds with a thin layer of soil and tamp it down. If it is really hot or dry outside, cover the area with dried grass clippings or another natural, weed-free mulch.

Keep it watered
It's essential to keep the patch moist, so use a gentle sprinkler or a fine-mist nozzle. These won't disrupt the seeds. Keep the area moist by watering daily until the grass starts to emerge - then you can back off a bit.

For faster results, you could use a patch of sod. Just cut it to fit the area, then smooth it down. Keep it moist until it's well-established and your lawn will look amazing!