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Lawn Care in Early Spring

March 26th, 2012 Gardening

As the ground begins to thaw from winter's chill, you might wonder what you can do to prepare your lawn for the warmer seasons. According to HGTV, taking stock in early spring can help ensure a beautiful, green yard for the next several months. During the winter, your soil's pH may have shifted, and physical changes in the ground could have altered the composition of your soil, both of which need to be addressed, lest you end up with brown grass and a yard full of weeds.

It's a good idea to get an organic herbicide into the ground as soon as possible. These products tend to work by preventing weeds from germinating, rather than killing off what has already grown. If you destroy weeds before they start to grow, you may not have to deal with them much at all during the spring and summer. Wait about six weeks after applying herbicide before planting any extra grass, or you could risk killing those seeds before they end up growing.

You will also want to loosen compacted soil. During the winter, the ground may have hardened and pressed into itself, which can make it difficult for seeds to germinate and grow. To check if your soil needs turning, stick a garden fork into the ground. If you're able to penetrate farther than two inches into the ground, you're all set. Otherwise, use a shovel and your fork to loosen up and turn the soil. This will help ensure your plants are able to thrive and that roots can get far enough into the ground to absorb adequate nutrition.