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5 Little-Known Facts About Left Handers

July 31st, 2013 Healthy Living

If you're one of the many left handers in the world, you've likely faced challenges when it comes to everything from finding usable scissors to a school desk for writing. However, there's nothing to be ashamed of if you fall into this category! Left handers have many reasons to be proud - don't let your right-handed friends tell you otherwise. Here are some fun facts you can familiarize yourself with and share with people in the future.

1. You can hear more rapidly changing sounds
Everyday Health reported that left handers can hear rapidly changing sounds more easily than those who are right handed. This research might help medical experts in the future when it comes to treating the effects of hearing loss and stroke.

2. Left handedness comes in handy during fights
LiveScience noted that in combat, left handers have been proven to do better. Why? Because they can throw an unexpected left hook at their opponents.

3. Many lefties turn out to be geniuses
Those who are left-handed tend to be better at visual-spatial activities such as art and architecture. Albert Einstein and Benjamin Franklin were both known to be lefties.

4. Lefties sense fear differently
At the annual conference of the British Psychology Society, experts presented their research of left-handed individuals, claiming that they sense fear differently than right handers. Specifically, they may be more sensitive to it in certain situations.

5. Animals and ancient people favor their right hands
If you think that you're alone as a left hander, this feeling might've pertained to your ancestors. Some research suggests that Neanderthals were primarily right-handed. Today, experts believe that many animals such as chimpanzees are naturally right-handed as well.

Just because you're different doesn't mean that you can't live a successful, healthy life - embrace your uniqueness!