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Dealing with a Messy Roommate

October 4th, 2012 Healthy Living

Whether you share a dorm room with a roommate or have an apartment with someone else, having your penchant for neatness thwarted by a messy counterpart can be quite frustrating. Here are a few tips that you may want to take into consideration when it comes to dealing with your disorganized roommate.

Set up a cleaning schedule

If you want everything to stay clean and organized, you might have to implement a schedule that dictates what duties you and your roommates each have to fulfill. The schedule can rotate so no one gets stuck with one task, and if you have more than one roommate, everyone can lend a helping hand. If your roommate has to clean his or her own mess regularly, he or she may think twice about leaving dirty dishes in the sink or tracking in mud from outside.

Talk it out

If the mess is starting to get to you, suggests having a talk with your roommate. Sometimes the disorganization or thoughtlessness isn't intentional and your roommate might not realize the effect it's having on you. By clearly stating that you're bothered by the mess he or she leaves behind, your roommate might start to consider cleaning up.

Moving the mess

The living room or the common area is usually the spot where most of the mess takes place because the culprit can avoid it by going in his or her own room. If the clutter in your living room begins to build up, all you have to do is move the mess to your roommate's private quarters or directly at the entrance of the room. This will not only clear out your common room, but it'll show your roommate the amount that he or she has neglected to clean and might prompt the person to reconsider leaving things lying around.