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Do Your Food Habits Tell A Lot About You?

May 23rd, 2013 Healthy Living

You've likely heard the expression "You are what you eat" before, but you may have never given it much thought. Believe it or not, there has actually been a great deal of research done that examined how the foods people eat and how they do so can say a lot about them. So, next time you head to the kitchen for a snack, you may want to keep some things in mind about what that little treat may say about you. 

What does your choice of snack mean? For example, Kitchen Daily recently published an article stating that when it comes to treats, there may be a difference between people who like salty foods and those who prefer sweets. The news source pointed out a 2012 study from North Dakota State University and Gettysburg College, which found that people who said that their favorite foods were mostly sweet things, like candy, were usually more agreeable than those who enjoyed other flavors.

Furthermore, this study showed that those who said they love chocolate, caramel or honey were more likely to act kindly than others. To discover this, the researchers asked study participants to help out and be part of another study, but this time without compensation. Those who said they liked these sweet items were more likely to lend a helping hand without expecting anything back than those who reported that they liked other types of foods more. 

Also, what type of chocolate you prefer may say something about you. Kitchen Daily pointed out that Alan Hirsch, M.D., head of the Smell & Taste Treatment and Research Foundation, has said that people who enjoy dark chocolate have been found to be more social than those who would rather eat milk chocolate. 

Interestingly, people who love salty, spicy foods have been found to be the types of people who want to control every aspect of their lives. The news source explained that when you go for spicy foods, you may unknowingly be trying to control your body temperature. 

Many people love bacon, but those who truly crave it may be looking for some simple small talk. Kitchen Daily said that people who love bacon are also likely to enjoy laid back social interaction, since meat is often linked to a leisurely weekend breakfast or brunch.

What about how you eat?  As mentioned before, it's not just what you eat, but how you eat it, that may say something about you. For example, spoke to behavioral food expert Juliet Boghossian, who believes that eating styles are related to character traits. 

"Our food habits are one of the most instinctual habits we have," Boghossian told Divine Caroline. "It's a universal need with no boundaries, regardless of economic or social status. You can fake a food habit … but eventually, the instincts will kick in."

She started by explaining that she believes that slow eaters put a lot of value into sticking to their routines and may be stubborn. Also, Boghossian added that slow eaters may be taking more time to savor their foods, suggesting they try to get the most out of every experience. 

Furthermore, she said that while people who eat quickly may be very productive and excel at projects, they also may have a lack of balance when it comes to their work and home lives. 

Finally, Boghossian stated that people who are eager and willing to try new foods may excel in a creative position because they may be more willing to go against the grain and explore new paths and ideas. 

All of this should encourage you to take the time to examine your own eating habits and see what they say about you.