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Germ and Bacteria Hot Spots to Avoid

December 6th, 2011 Healthy Living

If you want to avoid getting sick this winter, it's crucial to get plenty of sleep, exercise and eat right. Washing your hands frequently also helps. However, even if you do all of those things, you could still come down with a cold or the flu, and it might be because of the surfaces you touch on an everyday basis. Here are some germ and bacteria hot spots to keep in mind, according to Fitness magazine.

1. Your desk at work. It's been proven that some peoples' desks have more bacteria than a toilet bowel on them! This is simply because people often don't think to clean and sanitize their offices. Your desk includes objects like the phone and your computer keyboard. Germs and bacteria can live on these surfaces for a few days, so it's best to wipe down your area with an antibacterial wipe regularly, especially during flu season.

2. The floor of the gym. You can get athlete's foot and plantar warts from walking around barefoot in the gym locker room, so always make sure to wear shoes or flip flops when you're showering.

3. Your dish sponge. This is one of the dirtiest objects in your home, so it's important to sanitize it every other day by sticking it in the microwave for a minute to kill bacteria. Let sponges dry in between uses and make sure to use a new one every three weeks or so.

4. Your purse. If you frequently place your bag on the floor or on the kitchen counter, the bottom could be picking up tons of germs. Hang it on a hook when possible and clean it regularly. Leather and vinyl purses are cleaner than those made out of cloth.

5. Your makeup. Beauty products can become infected with bacteria when they touch your face or hands, so always make sure to use applicators and wash your hands before you apply anything. Clean your applicators on a weekly basis and get rid of makeup that's becoming old.