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Health Benefits of Honey

September 21st, 2011 Healthy Living

Believe it or not, honey is not just good for sweetening your tea or adding a little variation to your standard peanut butter sandwich. In fact, it has many nutritive qualities which make it good for you. So you don't have to feel guilty for indulging in the sweet stuff. Here are some benefits that honey can provide, according to Southern Living.

Energy supplier
Honey is a good source of carbohydrates, which are necessary for energizing your body. Glucose in honey is absorbed quickly, giving you an instant energy boost, while the fructose is a bit slower, giving you sustained energy. Compared to other compounds, honey keeps your blood sugar levels fairly constant, so you won't have to worry about crashing.

Immunity booster
You may have heard that regularly taking a spoonful of locally procured honey each day can help you battle allergies by building up your immune system's defenses against pollen. Honey's antioxidant and anti-bacterial properties are also great in helping your digestive system.

Ailment soother
Honey is good at soothing all kinds of ailments, from sore throats to cuts and burns. To treat a sore throat, just add honey, lemon juice and a bit of salt to warm water and either sip or gargle it. For minor cuts or burns, just dab a little honey on before you dress it. The anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties will keep out infection and help you heal faster.

Of course, honey is a superb natural sweetener. While it has more calories than sugar, you don't need as much of it to get the same taste, so it evens out. Studies have also shown that honey can reduce high cholesterol and help with blood sugar problems. All the more reason to add a spoonful to your day.