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How to Pick Comfortable Shoes

September 16th, 2011 Healthy Living

There's nothing worse than finding out that your new pair of glamorous shoes kill your feet whenever you wear them. Avoid blisters and aching toes by knowing how to spot a comfortable formal shoe.

These sophisticated staples are to blame for many foot troubles. Next time you're picking out a cute pair for work or a special occasion, keep these helpful hints in mind.

1. The heel of the shoe should be underneath the center of your heel when you wear it. This will make sure you can maintain your balance.

2. Some shoes have false fronts which your feet don't actually fill. These are great if you always find your toes squishing into the front of your shoes. Pointy-toed varieties have tons of extra room up top.

3. Choose a breathable material like leather, suede or fabric, rather than synthetic materials, which can lessen your chances of getting blisters.

4. Find a shoe that cushions the ball of your foot. When you press a finger into it, you should feel a slight give.

You may have noticed that not all flats offer you relief. To get a comfortable shoe, look for these traits.

1. Sturdy construction. You want a shoe that will support your foot, so if it's too bendy and the heel can touch the insole, skip it.

2. Look for a little bit of a heel if you have high arches, which will minimize discomfort.

3. Find a shoe with a back that fits closely enough so it won't slip, rub and cause cuts on your heel. Your tootsies will be thanking you later.