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How to Stay Fit This Winter

December 15th, 2011 Healthy Living

Even the most ardent exercise enthusiast has a bit more trouble getting in a good workout when winter arrives. After all, our inclination is to stay inside when it's cold and dark outside. Just because the temperatures have fallen doesn't mean your exercise regimen has to take a backseat until spring, however. With a few changes to your schedule and a willingness to try out some new routines, you can keep yourself fit this season without any problem.

1. Change your workout time. Getting out of bed on a winter morning is hard enough, let alone putting on exercise clothes and being active. It's dark, grey and chilly out there, and the prospect of leaving your amazingly warm covers sounds horrible. Instead, consider fitting in your workout when the day is at its warmest. If you have the opportunity to take hour-long lunches, consider using them to get a jog in.

2. Learn a few indoor routines. This could be a great opportunity to add a few new exercises to your repertoire. If you mainly get your exercise through outdoor jogs, consider staying inside and giving yourself an equally vigorous workout from home. You can also find plenty of video programming out there that you won't have to go to a gym for.

3. Try new activities. Although you may not be so inclined to go to your regular gym, taking up something new, like rock climbing or yoga, may provide that extra bit of motivation you need to get out the door in the morning. As long as you're committed to keeping fit, you should have no problem making it through the winter.