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Same S'mores, Less Sugar - Campfire Treats for the Diabetic and Dieting

August 23rd, 2013 Healthy Living

If you're a diabetic or are looking to cut down on your sugar intake, but still want to engage in the campfire festivities of making s'mores, there are a slew of great options available to you. Here are a few tips for making sugarless s'mores that are just as sweet.

Make your own marshmallows

Instead of buying your marshmallows, you can easily make your own. Scour the internet for homemade marshmallow recipes on sites such as, and While most of these may call for sugar, you can use Splenda or natural sweeteners that aren't as detrimental to your diet. Another healthy addition to substitute for a firming agent is agar (made from seaweed) instead of gelatin.

You can also go to and purchase their sugar-free marshmallows, which can easily be skewered and cooked to perfection.

Graham crackers

There are a bunch of sugar-free graham crackers available from major brands like Stonewall Kitchen, Nabisco and Wegmans. A variety of gluten-free options are also plentiful. If you want to use a wafer or chocolate options, scout out your local grocery store and simply read the labels to see if there's sugar involved.

Chocolate and fillings

With health becoming an increasing concern as well as the rising rate of diabetes, many major food companies have found great alternatives that have a similar taste but lack sugar. For example, Russell Stover has a variety of chocolates that range from bars with nuts and peanut butter, caramels, truffles and solid chocolate options. If you're worried about whether something might have sugar, there are many websites you can order from that cater especially to the sugar-free crowd, such as and