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The Benefits of Drinking Tea

December 8th, 2011 Healthy Living

There are times when a hot cup of tea is the most satisfying thing in the world - it's aromatic, hydrating and comforting to sip on during a cold winter day. If you're concerned about how much coffee you've been drinking lately, perhaps it's time to think about making the switch. Granted, there's going to be some growing pains while your body adjusts to lower levels of caffeine, but you'll ultimately be doing yourself a favor. Here are just a few of the many health benefits that come with drinking tea.

Coffee naturally contains two or three times as much caffeine as an equivalent serving of tea. This is all well and good when you're looking to wake yourself up in a hurry, but that caffeine is eventually going to run out, and when that happens you're going to have to either drink more coffee or crash. Excessive caffeine can lead to headaches, digestive issues and can negatively affect your sleep.

One thing coffee doesn't have over tea is antioxidants. Green tea is known to have an abundance of the immune boosting compound. Regular intake of antioxidants can help your body resist the aging process, as well as combat the effects of pollutants that exist in the air around you.

You can even lose weight when you drink tea! Although it may not seem like much, if you take your coffee with cream and sugar, you may be adding as much as 1,000 calories to your diet per week. Cutting this out alone will help you shave off a few pounds in a matter of weeks, and you won't have to change much at all!