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Celebrating Fathers Around the World

June 11th, 2012 Inspirational

Respecting one's father is an age-old sentiment that dates back to Biblical times. The father is the one with the life knowledge that he bestowed upon his son or daughter. This know-how can come in the form of wisdom and morals as well as a trade or profession. While today kids grow up to choose their own paths, many times the ability to survive through learning a skillset was bestowed upon them through their dad.

Father's day marks that same honor and appreciation that has lived on through the ages. Although the holiday was first made official in the United States, countries around the world have also adopted it as their own. Some nations choose different days during the year, rather than the third Sunday in June that we are familiar with in the United States, to mark the occasion. According to timeanddate.com, in Australia the first Sunday in September is dedicated to dads. Even though it is not an official national holiday, it is still recognized and usually involves the giving of gifts. The source goes on to say that some fathers in Australia go on fun trips, such as biking or swimming ventures, on this special day.

In India, Father's Day is a relatively new holiday and Festivals of India reports that it first started gaining recognition in the more densely populated regions of the country but has now spread to more rural areas. India also celebrates Father's Day on the third Sunday of June. The Holiday Spot reports that this date has become a very popular time internationally to honor dads. Other countries who have designated this specific Sunday to fathers includes Argentina, France, The Netherlands, Chile and the United Kingdom.