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Good Samaritan Awarded in Philadelphia

November 3rd, 2011 Inspirational

A woman in Philadelphia was recently honored for her help in putting a flash mob to rest in Center City.

The Inquirer reported that she left her office cleaning job one night and began walking to the bus stop in order to go home for the night. As she was walking, a group of teenagers rushed toward her and she saw one of them punch a man in the head while the rest of the group laughed. Shocked, the woman called 911 and reported the group, then followed them as they continued on their rampage. She watched as they beat up a homeless man, a law student and an elderly citizen, giving police dispatchers all of the details.

When the authorities finally arrived, she was able to point out the offenders. Two teenagers and an 11-year-old were eventually convicted for the crimes. She was debriefed at the police station until well after midnight, then elected to take the bus home rather than get a ride from police.

The woman's courage to go out of her way and stand up for what's right earned her a special recognition and a Crime Prevention Award from the Center City District. She sat among other helpful members of the community who also helped do their part to prevent crime, but she was one of the only ones who wasn't paid to do it.

She received a standing ovation as she accepted the award, and city officials commended her for going out of her way. She didn't have to do what she did, but she wanted to help her community become a safer place. She put herself in harms way to stop the violence rather than just watch it take place. Many people these days have the attitude that criminal acts like this happen every day and there's not much one individual can do to prevent it - but there is!