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Great Business Ideas for a Small Town

July 30th, 2012 Inspirational

One of the benefits of moving to a small town is that there are fewer areas of commerce, which grants you the opportunity to capitalize by starting your own business. Here are a few business ideas that might make you a pretty penny while flexing your entrepreneurial prowess.

Coffee shop

No matter where you go in the U.S., coffee is the beverage of choice. While there are regional or international chains in most small towns, you can distinguish yourself by catering to the local community. Set up a little cafe that has a cozy environment and enough seating so that people will want to stay as they sip their drinks and relay the latest news. Put up a corkboard near the entrance so other local businesses and entrepreneurs can advertise. Another great way to help outdo the coffee chains in the surrounding area is to offer a superior product for affordable prices. Experiment with different beans from various roasters and focus on trying several brewing methods to yield the best taste.

Technical service

If you have a flair for electronics, starting your own technical help service may be the way to go. Most people in your community are bound to have their own PCs, laptops and smartphones. They're also likely to run into problems, whether it's setting up their new electronic devices, dealing with viruses, data recovery or damaged hardware. Help troubleshoot any digital dilemmas and offer an hourly rate. Try traveling to your customers' homes to do repairs to avoid setting up a costly storefront.

Lessons for expertise

If you have a specific skill, you may be able to offer lessons to those in your community who are eager to learn. All you have to do is let people know - luckily, in a small town, word of mouth is still effective. Travel to your clients' homes or offer tutorials at your own house. If your expertise extends to academic areas, you may want to look into tutoring children for their standardized tests or the SATs.