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How to be a Supermom

February 11th, 2013 Inspirational

Being a parent is challenging, stressful and rewarding. Staying on top of everything is difficult, but it can be done!

The definition of a Supermom varies greatly. It can be a mom who works full time, a mom of several or simply an exemplary mother. Any parent can be a superhero with a positive attitude, hard work and the right tools. Get out your utility belt and cape- it's time to do it all!

As a parent, you already know what constitutes a good mom: keeping your kids happy and healthy and leading by example. But focusing all energy on your children can leave you drained and stressed, which adds unnecessary difficulty to parenting. Getting enough sleep, taking time for yourself and staying organized are all things that should be prioritized, right alongside with making sure your children eat their vegetables.

It's easy to stay up late to try and complete the tasks you were unable to finish during the day, but you'll get more things done if you're well-rested, and you won't have to do them twice. Participate in naptime or give yourself a strict bedtime about an hour after your kids'.

There is no such thing as being a Supermom all the time. Accepting this will take some of the pressure off and help you look ahead to future feats of motherhood. Take one day a week or one hour per day for yourself. Either for exercise or meditation - anything relaxing will keep you sane. You deserve time to yourself.

Staying organized is an essential part of being a Supermom. There's no way to remember every errand, soccer practice or PTA meeting without a system of reminders. Whether it be post-it notes, a planner or one of the many apps available for smartphones or tablets, you need a way to stay on top of everything. Having your schedule on a mobile, backed-up device will alert you before appointments and prevent a disaster when your children inevitably feed your daybook to the dog.