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How To Plan a Successful Family Reunion

August 13th, 2012 Inspirational

Holidays and birthday parties are great times to catch up with family, but often you can't get everyone together due to other obligations and people living far away. A family reunion allows you to set a date that everyone can mark on their calendars and prepare for. Such a large-scale party takes careful planning, however - here are a few tips for pulling it off.

Picking the right destination

Location is key for a reunion, especially if you have family members who live all throughout the country. You might want to set a central destination that's equidistant from most members. This gives everyone the opportunity to come. If most of your family's stationed in one portion of the country, you may want to consider holding it there and ask if those who live far away would be willing to travel. If flights are expensive, try asking everyone to chip in so that a distant aunt or uncle can be sure to make an appearance.

Starting the invitation process

To ensure that everyone shows up at your family reunion, it's wise to plan it well in advance (at least a year). This will allow your relatives to mark it on their calendars and avoid scheduling conflicts. You can issue fun paper invitations that have pictures of the last reunion or family memories, or try adding some colorful party-themed graphics. If you're in touch with some of your relatives on Facebook or other social media sites, send them useful reminders for the upcoming event.

Playing fun activities

While your aunts, uncles, cousins and kin will likely spend most of the time socializing and catching up, you may also want to plan fun activities that everyone is bound to remember. Plan to have competitions like tug of war, capture the flag or even a three-legged race.