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How to Reconnect With the World Around You

January 5th, 2012 Inspirational

It's easy to feel divorced from our surroundings in this day and age. In many ways, we live in the age of distraction - the internet provides a never-ending stream of content that can be accessed at home, at work and even in the bathroom. Virtually every piece of electronics we lay our hands on has a headphone jack. Information overload is a very real phenomenon, and the first thing out the window is our ability to connect with our surrounding environment.

1. Pay attention at all times. In her book "Rapt," human psychology author Winifred Gallagher touts the benefits of concentration. She notes that people who think they're good multitaskers usually aren't. She points to Tiger Woods as an example of reaping the benefits of focus - the man made golf his entire life and has been rewarded with legendary status.

2. Start small. The next time you're on the subway, make an effort to keep your phone in your pocket. Look around you and notice how many people never look up from their screens. Bring a good book and read it while you're on the way to work, and resist the urge to listen to music while you do so.

3. One thing at a time. According to the Chronicle of Higher Education, a study at Stanford University helped bolster Gallgher's point - scientists found that those confident in their multitasking abilities frequently did worse on cognitive exams. If you want to really absorb all that this world has to offer, try and invest yourself fully into each and every thing you do. Your efforts may be rewarded with a better understanding of the task or concept.