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Inspirational Collectibles - Inspirational Figurines

October 20th, 2011 Inspirational

A Little Bit Country – Show it With Inspirational Shirts!

Are you a true country Christian? Find shirts and other western wear that shows your love of the country life as well as your beliefs in many stores around the Internet. If you love the rodeo, horse life, or trail riding, you can find just the shirt to show your true colors and ideology. If you search, you'll find many other inspirational types of clothing for all kinds of hobbies and lifestyles, as well. You can search topics from quilting to car racing, and far beyond. So, if you're passionate about your religion and a hobby or way of life, tell the world when you wear your very special inspirational shirts. Share them with your passionate friends and family members, too!

Authentic Inspirational Plates

When you invest in collectible inspirational plates, there are a few ways to tell if the plates are authentic. First, they should have a limited number of firing days to ensure there are not too many plates on the market. They should also be numbered, with a mark on the back of the plate. This number, usually done by hand, should match the number of the Certificate of Authenticity that comes with the plate.

If you purchase your inspirational plates from a well-known and respected dealer, such as the Bradford Exchange or the Hamilton Collection, you can be assured of the quality and authenticity of your inspirational plates. Avoid purchasing from unknown dealers, and do not accept any numbered plate without a Certificate of Authenticity along with it.

Caring for Inspirational Paintings

Oil paintings are organic works of art, and require the proper care so there aren't damaged. Never hang an oil or watercolor painting where it will receive direct sun, as this can fade the painting over time, and ruin the color. Never clean the painting with anything but a soft brush or dusting cloth, and never touch it with your hands; the oils in your hands can damage the painting.

If your inspirational paintings need heavy cleaning or restoration, leave it to professional cleaners. Make sure the canvas is stretched and attached to the frame correctly so the painting does not stretch or shrink with time.

Finally, try to maintain the proper environment for your inspirational paintings. The best environment is climate controlled, where the humidity is as close to 50 percent as possible, and the temperature remains between 50 and 80 degrees. Caring for your inspirational paintings isn't difficult, and with proper care your inspirational painting should last for decades.

Choose Your Material for Inspirational Figurines

If you're just starting an inspirational figurines collection, you may decide to collect figurines made out of certain materials, rather than one certain designer or style. You can find inspirational figurines created from a variety of materials, including:

  • Porcelain or china. These materials are used in very delicate and detailed and fragile inspirational figurines. They should be displayed where they are safe from harm.
  • Clay. Used in rustic sculptures, clay is sturdy, and can be used in some outdoor situations.
  • Marble or stone. Classic sculptors like Michelangelo used marble for many of his carvings, and high-quality marble figurines are still available today.
  • Wood. The classic lines of wood create lovely inspirational figurines that fit in just about any area of the home.
  • Crystal or glass. Inspirational figurines created from crystal or glass are extremely fragile, but the way they reflect and adsorb light is beautiful to behold.
  • Metal. Metals, such as zinc, bronze, or an alloy are also classic materials for inspirational figurines.
  • Polymer. Today, many figurines are crafted from polymer, which is extremely durable, and can be created to resemble fine porcelain and or clay.
Choosing new and different materials for your inspirational figurines can lead you to discover whole new areas of collecting!

Classic Seraphim Inspirational Angels

With the popularity of inspirational angels and angel collectibles, there are so many different depictions of angels it's hard to choose one or two types to collect. Many people are turning to the classic renditions of seraphim inspirational angels as traditional and very desirable collectibles.

These beautifully designed collectibles embody the traits of the highest rank of angels in Heaven, from their classic and undeniable beauty to their flowing robes and graceful, etherial wings. They are truly the ultimate inspirational angels, and collecting them indicates a deep appreciation of the place angels hold in our hearts and our lives here on Earth.

Collect Inspirational Ornaments for a True Christmas Tree!

Do you feel like much of the true, spiritual meaning of Christmas has disappeared into a mass of shopping, eating, drinking, and decorating, without much sentiment about the real reason we celebrate the season? Put some of the real meaning of Christmas back into the holiday by collecting and displaying inspirational Christmas ornaments on your Christmas tree and throughout your home.

Inspirational ornaments help connect you with the season in so many ways. Some of them express the sentiments you may be feeling, while others contain beloved scripture and scenes of the nativity, Star of Bethlehem, and the baby Jesus himself. Show your faith and love of the holiday season by collecting and decorating with inspirational ornaments.

Decorating With Inspirational Décor

No matter what your style and decorating taste, you can find inspirational décor to fill your home with stylish mementos of your devotion. If you love sleek, modern designs, look for modern artwork and figurines that depict your faith yet embody the modern style you enjoy. Candles, artwork frames and mats can help tie this theme together with small, inspirational details.

If you have more traditional taste, look for classic inspirational décor such as seraphim angels, woven throws, and even fleece blankets and traditionally styled wall décor. If you love country, look for lacy albums, decorated candles, and the wall art of a romantic artist such as Thomas Kincaid. Whatever your decorating style, you can incorporate inspirational décor into your home's design!

Displaying Religious Collectibles

If you collect religious collectibles, you've probably spent hours deciding how to display them effectively. First, you should display them were family members can see and enjoy them. This helps retain the meaning and message of the religious collectibles, and always keep them in the family's hearts and minds.

They should be displayed practically, as well. The best places to put religious collectibles so everyone can enjoy them are in high-traffic areas, such as dens, entry ways, or bedrooms, because family members tend to congregate or relax in these areas.

Think outside the box, too. Some religious collectibles are created for the garden or backyard, and can be displayed there for the entire family to see and enjoy. Remember to display your religious collectibles where it makes the best sense for your family to see and enjoy them as often as possible.

Gardening Religious Inspirational Gifts

Inspiration is certainly an important part of gardening. Today, you'll find a wide variety of religious inspirational gifts designed especially to decorate the garden. They make wonderful house warming, wedding, or anniversary gifts. They serve as a lasting reminder of your friendship, faith, and love of the natural world.

Some of the different religious inspirational gifts you can find are birdhouses, statues, stepping stones and scripture stones, fountains, wind chimes, and much more. Gardens are oases for many of us – a place to relax and shrug off the troubles of the day. Make them even more Eden-like with beautiful and meaningful religious inspirational gifts and decorations.

Inspirational Cross Jewelry

There is no greater symbol of religious devotion for many than the cross. Wearing inspirational cross jewelry is one way to keep this symbol always close to your heart. As you begin collecting inspirational cross jewelry, you'll discover there are designs for every taste and budget, from tiny, personal crosses to large, modern designs that incorporate precious gems and fine detailing.

As you add to your collection of inspirational cross jewelry, you can find bracelets, earrings, brooches, and many other items to add to pendants and chokers. Since fine jewelry is a good investment, your collection should become more valuable as you wear and add to it. Invest in inspirational cross jewelry for a lifetime of beauty and devotion.

Inspirational Items for Special Occasions

There are some special occasions that demand extra-special gifts, and inspirational items are one way to make these occasions extra-special. Graduation, weddings, the birth of a child, anniversaries, and birthdays are some of the special occasions that lend themselves to inspirational gift-giving.

In fact, couples who choose to use inspirational items as part of their wedding celebration will find everything from cake knives to albums and unity candles that show their devotion and faith as well as their love for each other. These special items create lasting memories that will never fade, as well.

Inspirational items also make excellent gifts for religious celebrations, such as Bar Mitzvahs, first communions, Confirmation, baptisms, and such. Use your imagination and inspiration for special occasions, and be sure to consider inspirational items as part of your gift list.

Inspirational Posters and Prints Bring Beauty to the Home

Not everyone can afford original works of art to decorate their homes. However, just about everyone can afford inspirational posters and inspirational prints to hang on their walls and add to their décor. Some of the finest inspirational artists offer inspirational prints and inspirational posters that recreate some of the most well loved works. With all that's available, you can still have a fine representation of inspirational artwork in your home.

Inspirational posters and inspirational prints cost a tiny fraction of what you would pay for an original piece of art, so they make sense if you're decorating on a budget. They also make sense in high traffic areas and areas that get direct sun, because hanging original inspirational paintings in direct sunlight would ruin the color. So, if you love the look of fine art, but can't afford it, invest in some inspirational posters and inspirational prints instead!

Motivate Your Employees With Motivational Gifts

If you're trying to kick things up a notch at work, try presenting your employees with motivational gifts. You can reward an individual for a job well done or a deadline met, or you can reward a whole team with encouraging gifts like mugs, books, desk accessories, and much more.

Motivational gifts really do give employees a feeling of accomplishment and dedication. If the gifts are unexpected, they create even better feelings. You can create contests with specific prizes, but the manager who watches from behind the scenes and recognizes excellence with motivational gifts will be even more appreciated by employees.

Precious Moments Collectible Christian Figurines

If you're a collector of Christian figurines or other inspirational collectibles, you'd probably like to share your passion with others. One way to interest children in collecting is to start a collection for them. Precious Moments collectible Christian figurines are especially suited to children, because they radiate the innocent and trust of a child, and there are many to choose from and share.

You can choose a collectible Christian figurine as a birthday or holiday gift, and then continue that tradition each year to help build your child's collection. Soon, they'll be looking forward to their gift each year, and may even branch out into other Christian collectibles. Be sure to choose authentic Precious Moments Christian figurines from authorized dealers to ensure your Christian figurines are genuine and work the investment.

Share Inspirational Cards to Show Your Love and Devotion

You have strong feelings about your faith, love, and devotion and you'd like to share them with others. One thoughtful and memorable way to share your feelings is to create custom inspirational cards to share with your friends and family. There are many sites online that allow you to create custom designs and pick different artwork to illustrate your cards.

Some allow you to print out the cards on your own card stock, while others are meant to be shared as e-cards though email. Either way, you can choose the verses you like, from scripture to inspirational quotes, and then personalize the cards with your own special message. Send these inspirational cards to brighten a day and share your feelings of faith with others in your life.

Start Your Day Off Right!

Not all of us are blessed with a cheery disposition in the morning. Sometimes, we need a little boost to get us going in the morning. Thank goodness for that first cup of coffee! Add a little bit of inspiration to your morning routine by sipping your morning beverage out of inspirational mugs.

Inspirational mugs carry spiritual and motivational messages that can uplift your spirit and allow you to soar right through the day. Sharing a mug as a gift with a friend or relative is a way to pass on the good words and blessings of starting the day off in a positive way. So, start your day off right with the perfect message, and your day can't help but get better and better!

Thomas Kincaid: Painter of Light

Thomas Kincaid is probably one of the most well know and loved modern painters. Many people know that many of his artworks are spiritually based, and he creates a special line of inspirational art for collectors. Recently, he added a line of strong Christian inspirational art designs geared especially to the devout collector.

You can see these designs at any local Thomas Kincaid gallery, but they are also available for viewing and purchase online. Each design comes with an inlaid cross and scripture message along with the artwork. These inspirational art pieces will fit in any inspirational art collection, and illustrate the devout and passionate feelings of the collector.

Unusual Inspirational Gifts

Are you looking for the perfect housewarming, anniversary, or other gift? In your search, you may discover the wide variety of unusual and useful inspirational gifts that are now available. In fact, you may be surprised to discover how many unique inspirational gifts are ready and waiting for gift-giving. You'll find everything from household items to garden décor, all with inspirational themes.

Some of these helpful and functional gifts include:

  • Teapots
  • Mugs and cups
  • Luncheon sets and napkins
  • Coasters
  • Fleece and woven throws
  • Wall décor
  • Garden statues and décor
So, when you look for inspirational gifts, look for the unusual for your gift to be especially memorable.

Using Inspirational Designs for a Baby Nursery

If you'd like to get your child or grandchild off to a good start in life, consider decorating their nursery with inspirational designs. You could choose a Precious Moments theme, incorporating these adorable designs in crib sets, comforters, wall décor, and of course, collectible figurines. This is also a great way to begin a collection of inspirational designs for your new baby.

Angels or Noah's Ark themes are also very popular and fit well into inspirational designs in a baby's nursery. From crib sheets to wall coverings, you can find angel and Noah's ark themes for boys and girls. These decorations are also suitable as your baby grows into a toddler. So, start your new baby off right in a nursery full of inspirational designs!

Wear Your Inspirational Collectibles

Show your faith by collecting and wearing inspirational jewelry. These inspirational collectibles are meant to be worn, not hidden away in a jewelry box! If you look for inspirational jewelry, you'll discover there are designs for every taste and age, from teens to grandparents.

Begin a set of jewelry for your child or grandchild as a different way to share inspirational collectibles. Some of the modern designs incorporate symbolism with unique, trendy designs that will appeal to children, and you can add to their inspirational collectibles set every year, so they'll have something to look forward to for birthdays or holidays. This is truly a way to create a lasting group of inspirational collectibles that will grow in value and admiration.