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Inspirational Jewelry - Christian and Spiritual Jewelry

October 20th, 2011 Inspirational

Cancer Inspirational Jewelry

If you have a friend or loved one who is a cancer survivor, celebrate their good health with cancer inspirational jewelry. You can find a wide variety of this special inspirational jewelry online and in jewelry stores.

Some of the jewelry carries a special message, such as "believe," while others sports the well-known pink colors for breast cancer awareness. Still others offer "survivor" or other inspiring motifs that will help your friends and loved ones share their accomplishment and meet other cancer survivors. Show you care and you're aware with cancer inspirational jewelry.

Cancer Inspirational Message Jewelry

Nowadays, you can see everyone from celebrities to newscasters sporting yellow, red, pink, and a variety of other rubber bracelets and wristbands. You know they all represent different forms of cancer and illness, but do you know where the tradition of this cancer inspirational message jewelry got started?

Lance Armstrong, the legendary athlete and cancer survivor, began selling yellow cancer inspirational message jewelry in 2004 through his Lance Armstrong Foundation. The "Livestrong" wristbands raise money for cancer awareness and research, and have spread like wildfire around the world, with many other organizations picking up on the idea.

This cancer inspirational message jewelry is inexpensive, but benefits thousands of cancer survivors and sufferers. When you wear this cancer inspirational message jewelry you show you care.

Caring for Gold Christian Rings

Did you know that many common household chemicals can harm your precious gold Christian rings and other gold jewelry? One of the most common chemicals you probably use several times a week is chlorine (think chlorine bleach, for example). If you expose your gold to chlorine for too long, it can make it soft and much easier to break. Don't wear your gold Christian rings in swimming pools or hot tubs, and take them off when you clean around the house (or wear rubber gloves).

Rings are some of the most gold Christian jewelry that is susceptible to damage, so take good care of them if you often wear your gold Christian rings. You can clean precious gold jewelry in rubbing alcohol or ammonia, but don't use these chemicals on gold plate or any stones, they may damage them. Clean your gold Christian rings with jewelry cleaner and a small, soft toothbrush, and your gold will glimmer for years.

Catholic Jewelry-Heavenly Watches

If you'd like to keep your faith with you any "time" of the day, you may enjoy heavenly watches. These jewelry items designed especially for Catholics combine lovely renditions of the Holy Family, many of the saints, and even Mother Teresa with high-quality wristwatches you can wear for any occasion. This Catholic jewelry would make a wonderful gift for a special someone.

What better way to be reminded of your faith than with one of these Catholic jewelry heavenly watches? Every day, you'll be reminded of your faith and love when you check the time. Created for both men and women, these heavenly watches are the epitome of faithful Catholic jewelry.

Cleaning Costume Inspiration Jewelry

Costume inspiration jewelry is often made with silver or gold plate and glass stones, so cleaning it can be a challenge. You don't want to damage any of the fragile areas of the jewelry, and it can tarnish, just like precious jewelry. Keep your costume inspiration jewelry clean and sparkling by washing it gently with a mild dishwashing detergent that you dilute in water.

Make sure it is totally dry before you put it in water. You can use fresh silver dip liquid, such as Tarn-X, as well, but use it sparingly. Avoid strong jewelry cleaners, like paste or polish cloths, because they can wear away the plate, leaving the base metal underneath. When your costume inspiration jewelry is clean, store it in soft, tarnish-proof bags.

Cleaning Inspirational Silver Jewelry

If you own any inspirational silver jewelry you know that it can tarnish easily and can be difficult to clean. Most jewelers recommend wiping the piece with a soft cloth after you wear it, to remove oils, perfume, and makeup from the piece, which can speed up the tarnishing process.

Don't use paste, it can harm some delicate pieces, and it can also get lodged in tiny details and cracks, which can actually cause your inspirational silver jewelry to tarnish faster. Instead, use a liquid polish that's easier to get into details and easier to remove. Always polish the piece carefully with a soft cloth like cotton or cotton flannel; never use any harsh chemicals on your inspirational silver jewelry.

Also, don't store gold and silver jewelry together. Keep your inspirational silver jewelry clean, and it will last a lifetime and give you years of joy and comfort!

Design Your Own Religious Jewelry

Are you crafty? If you enjoy beading and beadwork, you can easily design your own religious jewelry. For example, use beads and findings that are especially important to you to create a one-of-a-kind bracelet including a beaded cross or charm. Collect beads from your travels to create memorable and meaningful religious pendants that radiate your faith and memories.

Religious jewelry isn't hard to make, and there are so many jewelry making supplies available online and in craft stores, even if you've never beaded before, you'll discover you pick it up in no time. So bead and create your own religious jewelry and religious pendants for extra-special gifts and mementos for yourself, your friends, and your family!

Give Inspirational Jewelry Gifts in Times of Challenge and Adventure

Inspirational jewelry gifts can help a friend through a trying time, or celebrate a new adventure or challenge. You can find inspirational jewelry gifts for just about any type of accomplishment, from completing a difficult journey to the loss of a loved one. Simple designs can often give an eloquent message that lasts a lifetime, and these inspirational jewelry gifts contain simple designs and messages of hope.

Inspirational jewelry gifts are more than something pretty to wear, they contain a message of hope, faith, and love, and are a constant reminder of your friendship, love, and caring. As your friend wears these inspirational jewelry gifts, they will remember their accomplishments and your involvement in their happiness. Give inspirational jewelry gifts to inspire, affirm, and share the love you feel in your heart.

Inspiration Rings for Teens

Inspiration rings are the hot thing for teens to sport on necklaces, bracelets, and even key chains. These clever rings each hold an inspiring message, and you can string them together like charms, or wear them singly on a pendant or bracelet. You can even use as base to hold other charms. These inspiration rings make great gifts any time of the year, but they are especially memorable for birthdays, graduations, and religious celebrations, like Bar Mitzvahs or Communions. They come jeweled or plain, in gold or silver, and even come in other languages, such as French, Hebrew, and Spanish. Please your picky teen with a special inspiration ring they'll really love!

Inspirational Jewelry For Men

Today, more men are wearing jewelry, so what better way to show your affection than with inspirational jewelry for men. Masculine yet beautiful, you can find pendants, bracelets, and earrings that offer positive messages of strength, hope, and faith for a variety of different occasions.

Inspirational jewelry for men is created with more masculine components, like larger stones, bigger lettering, and even a greater overall size. These pieces look masculine, but they are also beautiful and memorable. If your favorite man is a little hesitant about wearing jewelry, start him off small with a ring or unobtrusive necklace on a leather cord. Once he finds he enjoys wearing jewelry, gift him with much more inspirational jewelry for men!

Inspirational Silver Bracelets Make Perfect Wedding Gifts

If you've seen inspirational silver bracelets, you know how delicate and beautiful they can be. These inspirational silver bracelets come with a variety of different sayings – some that would be just perfect for a memorable wedding gift. You could give a pair of the bracelets so bride and groom can always be reminded of their love for each other and their special day.

Some merchants offer custom inspirational silver bracelets that you can customize with your own words. You could incorporate a sentence from the bride and grooms vows, or inscribe them with the date of the wedding and a few words of love. These inspirational silver bracelets make wonderful birthday and graduation gifts, too.

Make Inspirational Rings Into Inspirational Pendants

If you have several inspirational rings you can wear them one by one, or slide them on a bracelet or keychain. Or, you can hang them from a chain or pendant, either separately or in sets. You can also switch inspirational rings from time to time, to change the message you display on your inspirational pendants.

If you want to hang one inspirational ring at a time, you can simply slide it onto a silver or gold chain, or you can loop it through a cord or ribbon to display it all on its own on a pendant. You can hang several inspirational rings on a cord by tying a knot in between, or looping each one separately to create a multi-inspirational ring pendant.

Or, suspend each inspirational ring from a different length of short chain, then loop each small chain through another inspirational ring, and you'll have several rings at different lengths for a dynamic inspirational pendant!

Motivate and Stimulate the Family With Motivational Jewelry

Does your family need some motivation to get along, clean up, and get going? Try motivating them with some motivational jewelry! Give matching rings, bracelets, or charms to everyone in the family. You can wear them during "family nights," on special occasions, and especially when the family is working together!

Motivational jewelry can help make everyone feel more like they are a part of the family team, and it might help them become a little more motivated to participate in chores and family projects. Everyone, from the toddler to the teen, wants to feel as if they are an important member of the family team, and sharing motivational jewelry may give them that little push they need to get involved with a cheerful attitude. Motivation works in business, so why not at home with the family?

Pet Inspirational Sayings Jewelry

Why keep inspirational sayings jewelry all to yourself? Did you know you can find collar tags, leashes, and collars for your four-footed friends? Many companies offer inspirational sayings jewelry that match your own jewelry, or complement it. Some tags attach right to a leather collar, while others are meant to dangle from the collar, just like charms on a charm bracelet.

Cancer inspirational sayings jewelry is also available in pet collars and leashes, so your dog can always share the message of love and hope with the world. Look for pet inspirational sayings jewelry to make a difference in cancer research and support for pets and humans, too.

Polishing Silver Friendship Bracelets

You can use a polishing cloth to polish your silver friendship bracelets and silver friendship rings, but make absolutely sure the cloth is meant for silver. If you use a cloth not safe for silver, you can actually do more damage than good to the piece, so double check before you use or purchase a polishing cloth. If your silver friendship bracelet has stones or pearls as part of the design, never rub them with the cloth, you could scratch or chip them. It's best to take these kinds of stones to a professional for cleaning. Many jewelry experts don't recommend using silver dipping solutions on jewelry, because they have chemicals that can actually harm the silver or wear it off in time. Never use these types of solutions on semi-precious or fragile stones like opals or pearls.

Take care of your silver by polishing it carefully and your silver friendship bracelets will give you a lifetime of beauty and motivation.

Show Your Love With Friendship Jewelry and Family Tree Jewelry

The perfect gift for a loving mother or sister is friendship jewelry with a special message. Many friendship jewelry pieces come customized with messages for mom or sister, and you can even find family tree jewelry that you can customize with the birthstones of all the children in the family.

If your mother or sister loves pendants, think of friendship pendants as the perfect gift, as well. With messages of love and caring, they can wear them close to their hearts, knowing you love and admire them for everything they have done for you. We don't always share our deepest feelings with our loved ones, but friendship jewelry and friendship pendants can help you say what's truly in your heart to those closest to you.

Spiritual Jewelry Soothes the Soul

Even if you don't belong to a particular religion, you can find spiritual jewelry that speaks to your soul. Native American symbols like Kokopelli may be to your liking, or perhaps your spirit is moved by beautiful and ancient Celtic jewels and symbols. Buddhists can find Buddha pendants and other spiritual jewelry to express their beliefs, and the Yin and Yang symbols are always popular as well.

Spiritual jewelry represents the spirit that lives inside all of us – the spirit that is touched by the natural world, our culture and beliefs, as well as our historical background and ancestry. No matter what your background, you can find spiritual jewelry that expresses what you feel in your heart and soul.

Storing and Protecting Christian Jewelry

Your beautiful Christian jewelry is an investment, and you should protect it when you store it. Store your jewelry in a sturdy case with a soft interior (often what your Christian jewelry came in when you bought it). If you don't have a sturdy, lined case, store your jewelry in soft, tarnish resistant pouches to protect your jewelry from tarnishing and from scratches, as well.

Store your jewelry in separate pouches so they don't tangle, too. Don't put your jewelry box anywhere near heat or dampness, because heat and moisture can damage some precious stones. Carefully wipe your jewelry with a soft cloth after you wear it, to remove perfume, perspiration, and cosmetics, which can also damage your fine Christian jewelry. Don't forget to have your precious Christian jewelry professionally cleaned once a year!

Symbolic Jewish Religious Jewelry

Like other religious jewelry, Jewish religious jewelry uses many traditional symbols of the Jewish faith to represent Jewish beliefs and culture. The Star of David is one of the most enduring and well recognized symbols of Judaism, but Jewish religious jewelry also comes in many other symbols, as well.

For example, another favorite symbol is the Chai (not tea!), which represents "living" or "life." The menorah is also an enduing symbol, and a pendant or bracelet with a gold or sliver menorah would make an excellent holiday gift for a Jewish friend or relative. Another very popular symbol is the Hamsa or Hand of God. Most of this Jewish religious jewelry is available in charms, pendants, bracelets, and rings, so give the gift of Jewish religious jewelry for a thoughtful and meaningful gift to anyone of the Jewish faith.

Wear Your Heart on Your Sleeve

With inspirational quote jewelry, you can literally wear your heart right on your sleeve! You can choose quotes and sayings that show the world exactly who you are and how you feel all the time. Besides showing how you feel, inspirational quote jewelry is beautiful. Craftsmiths create some studded with jewels and semi-precious stones, or with precious metals like silver and gold.

Some inspirational quote jewelry is dressy enough to wear for a night on the town, while others fit better with casual jeans and a t-shirt. No matter what you choose, inspirational quote jewelry will give your day a little boost when you put it on and wear your heart on your sleeve!