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Inspirational Movies - Inspirational Videos and Films

October 20th, 2011 Inspirational

"It's a Wonderful Life": One of the Greatest Inspirational Movies

"It's a Wonderful Life" is one of the greatest inspirational movies ever. According to the American Film Institute, it's the number one inspirational film. You've probably seen it during the holiday season at least once or twice. This inspirational film tells the story of George Bailey, a man who dreams of making a difference but falls on hard times.

In the climax to the film, Bailey wishes he had not been born, and then sees how differently life would be for those around him if he was missing from their lives. It's a wonderfully heart-warming and inspirational film that brings teary eyes to many viewers no matter how often they see it. That's what makes it one of the greatest inspirational movies ever made.

Bible Story Videos and Collections

If you enjoy Bible story videos, you should invest in a comprehensive collection of Bible story videos that include Hollywood films, Bible reenactments, sets of Old Testament and New Testament stories, and Bible documentaries. Available in large and small collections, these sets can entertain and enlighten your family for countless hours.

Bible story videos will help you learn more about many books of the Bible, and make you feel as if you are experiencing just what the characters felt eons ago. High-quality, inspiring entertainment is often difficult to find these days, so investing in a comprehensive collection of Bible story videos is an investment in your family, your knowledge, and your faith, as well.

Children's Christian Inspirational Videos

Inspire and motivate your children to learn more about the Bible with children's Christian inspirational videos. These children's videos create more understanding about precious Bible stories, and you can find videos geared to all age groups. Christian inspirational videos are a good way to introduce the Bible to younger children, as well.

Many of the children's Christian inspirational videos are animated, which will keep younger viewers attention, while older children will appreciate the live action videos with more complex story ideas. Christian inspirational videos are a great way to bring your faith into your home and share it with your children.

FoxFaith Inspirational DVD

FoxFaith is a new film distributor and producer from the Twentieth Century Fox Corporation. It deals exclusively in inspirational DVD and film works, and offers films for sale and original film production, as well. FoxFaith shares Christian values and beliefs and promotes them as part of their business plan.

Each of the FoxFaith inspirational DVDs comes with Church Resources, which are discussion guides and clips that churches can use to promote faith and understanding. These clips and guides are all free to churches. FoxFaith is also actively creating their own inspirational DVD collection by producing their own faith-based films.

Free Inspirational Christian Movies

If you're in need of a quick pick-me-up, you can view free inspirational Christian movies online. These short films and animated movies are short, to the point, and very motivational, so they are great for those days when you simply don't feel like yourself and need a little emotional support.

Whether you're looking for a message of hope, love, or faith, you can find them with free inspirational Christian movies. They are short enough to appeal to your children, too, and you can even send them to friends and family as an e-greeting. Share your faith with these free inspirational Christian movies, and feel uplifted and alive!

Hollywood's Best Bible Movies

Some of the best-loved Bible movies came out of Hollywood in the past. One of the favorites is "The Ten Commandments" with Charlton Heston, which tells the story of the slave Moses as he leads his people out of Egypt. Another favorite is "The Bible: In the Beginning," which recounts several different Bible tales and stars George C. Scott, Ava Gardner, and Peter O'Toole.

Perhaps the most loved Bible movie is "The Greatest Story Ever Told," which tells the story of Jesus' life and legacy. The film stars Max von Sydow as Jesus, and is a must for any Bible movie fan. Collect your favorite Bible movies on DVD or video so you can enjoy them again and again.

Inspirational Movie Themes Stand the Test of Time

Some of the most important elements of inspirational movies are the inspirational movie themes that introduce them. These songs can be spiritual, gospel, or any type of music, but the words often paint a picture of what is to come in the film, and give the viewer a sense of well being and delight at what is in store in the film.

Because inspirational movie themes are so popular, some record companies have packaged together several different memorable themes from inspirational movies, so you can always listen to your favorite inspirational movie themes without having to watch the movie!

Make Your Own Inspirational Videos

If you have a video camera and some spare time, you can make your own inspirational videos to share with friends and family. They can be as simple as a shot of you reading an inspirational poem or scripture, or they can be filmed, edited to music, and much more complex. All it takes is some time, creativity, and a video camera.

Your own inspirational videos would make great gifts for that person who has everything, and you might find you enjoy the creativity of creating your own personal inspirational videos. You'll have the chance to share something meaningful with loved ones, and you can personalize the message so it means the most to you and your friends. Think about creating your own inspirational videos soon!

One of the Best Bible Videos

One of the best Bible videos to ever be made in Hollywood is the famous "The Ten Commandments," starring Charlton Heston as Moses. The story is familiar to just about everyone – Moses is sent away to escape his fate when he was just an infant, and he was rescued by the ruling Pharaoh in Egypt. When it was discovered who he really was, a Jewish man, he was turned into a slave who eventually led his people out of Egypt to find Palestine.

The special effects in the film were legendary for the time, (the burning bush and parting of the Red Sea were especially spectacular), and in fact, it won an Oscar for the special effects, and was nominated in several other categories, including the Best Picture of 1956. This legendary epic is a classic Hollywood production, and it deserves a place in your Bible videos collection.

Online Daily Inspirational Movie Quotes

If you love inspirational movies and inspirational movie quotes, go online and get new inspirational movie quotes every day! You can also have them delivered to you every day in your email, and even sign up for a daily RSS feed if you blog. You'll also find the top movie quotes of all time, and have a chance to rate the quotes.

These quotes range from inspirational movie quotes to motivational and funny quotes that will motivate you and stimulate your mind. Taken from some of your favorite inspirational movies, these inspirational movie quotes are just the thing to give your email box a daily boost of inspiration and motivation!

Online Inspirational Flash Videos

Online inspirational flash videos provide quick viewing of short, faith-based films and clips. Some of these films are spiritual, while others offer quick tips for parenting, romantic love, and even coping with everyday life. They are all easy to view on your home computer.

You simply click on online inspirational flash videos to view them. If you don't even have to have viewing software on your computer, all the inspirational flash videos play online, without downloading to your computer. So, what are you waiting for? Go online and view inspirational flash videos right now!

Original Inspirational Films

If you're looking for new, dynamic original inspirational films, look no further than FoxFaith. This new production company distributes faith-based DVDs, but also produces their own faith-bases original inspirational films. Some of these films air on television, while others have played at theaters before their release on DVD.

FoxFaith makes films that inspire, have a strong message, and are entertaining all at the same time. Often they star familiar faces from television and other films. If you're looking for original inspirational films, you won't find a better collection than those of Fox Faith.

Solve Some of the Mysteries of the Bible

The Bible, a book of many mysteries and questions, has always been studied for clues to where many of the ancient stories took place. Today, there have been expeditions and discoveries that shed light on many of these mysteries. You can find many Web sites online that discuss some of these mysteries of the Bible and how they have been solved.

Of course, many mysteries of the Bible still exist, and people are working hard to solve them all the time. If you're interested in history and spirituality, check out some of the mystery Web sites and see if you agree with the results!

The Best Inspirational Movie Scenes

Some of the most inspirational movie scenes stay with us long after the film itself fades into memory. Who can forget Dorothy clicking her heels together three times and chanting "There's no place like home," in the "Wizard of Oz," Rocky Balboa charging up the stairs to reach the top in "Rocky," Forrest Gump intoning "Life is like a box 'a chocolates" in Forrest Gump, or Clarence getting his wings in "It's a Wonderful Life?"

The best inspirational movie scenes are moving, but they also teach important lessons, like perseverance, hope, and love. That's why inspirational movie scenes are so important and vital to our lives. We learn from these inspirational movies as they entertain us, and the lessons we learn when we view them again and again live on in our hearts and minds.

The Best Inspirational Movies for Educators

If you're a teacher, sometimes it's hard to stay motivated and enthusiastic about your job and your students. If you're having one of "those" days, try watching motivational and inspirational movies for and about educators. It may just brighten up your day just a little bit, and give you some new ideas for the classroom!

Inspirational movies for educators often pit teachers and administrators in difficult situations, so you can learn from their example and use their techniques with your own students. If you want to be the best teacher you can be, watch some of the best inspirational movies for educators and feel better about the wonderful job you do every day!

The Most Inspiring Films of All Time

What films inspire you, even if you watch them again and again? That's the question the American Film Institute attempted to answer in 2006. Films like "The Grapes of Wrath," "Miracle on 34th Street," "Saving Private Ryan," and "Rocky" fill the list, and some all time favorites like "The Wizard of Oz" are represented too.

These films warm the heart, make us laugh and cry, and most of all, show us the difficulties of life and how exceptional people manage to overcome them. They are stories of endurance, love, romance, war, survival, and fantasy, but they all have one thing in common. They are inspirational and timeless, which makes them the 100 most inspirational films of all time.

The Mysteries of the Bible DVD Set

The Mysteries of the Bible DVD set explores many involved and controversial aspects of the Bible, from prophecies to discussions about the locations of treasured relics like the Ten Commandments. The Mysteries of the Bible DVD set includes all the discs in the collection; over 10 hours of viewing the entire family will enjoy.

Each DVD in the six-series set contains a documentary on some aspect of Christianity and the Bible, from the Shroud of Turin to the location of Mount Sinai. It is an interesting and informative set for anyone interested in spirituality and the Bible, and it may give you some valuable new information that you never knew before. If you're interested in many unanswered questions about the Bible, the Mysteries of the Bible DVD is a set you'll enjoy again and again.

The Power of the Inspirational Video Clip

How much power does an inspirational video clip have? If it's online, it has the power to spread a vibrant message of hope and love around the entire world. If you share your favorite inspirational video clip with a friend or relative, it could travel around the world before you know it, and it could touch many hearts along the way.

An inspirational video clip doesn't take long to watch, but it can have a powerful, healing message for anyone who needs inspiration or motivation. If you want to make a difference in someone's life, share an inspirational video clip with them, and tell them to pass it along!

The Top Five Most Inspirational Movies

The American Film Institute chose the 100 most inspirational movies of all time. What films do you think made the top five? Interestingly, the top five films are all classic films of early Hollywood, except one. They represent strong family values, lessons in life, and enchanting stories where the "good guy" almost always comes out on top.

  • "It's A Wonderful Life," 1946
  • "To Kill A Mockingbird," 1962
  • "Schindler's List," 1993
  • "Rocky," 1976
  • "Mr. Smith Goes To Washington,"1939
To celebrate these emotional and inspirational films, have a movie night with your friends once a month or so, and watch some of these top 100 most inspirational movies. They'll have you laughing, crying, and thinking about how lucky you are to be able to enjoy them again and again.

Win Big: Inspirational Sports Movies

There's something about seeing the underdog win that makes inspirational sports movies some of the most all-time popular films. Who doesn't like to see the little guy come from behind, overcome obstacles, and end up victorious, after all? Some of the best inspirational sports movies include:

  • "Rocky"
  • "Hoop Dreams"
  • "Bull Durham"
  • "Field of Dreams"
  • "The Natural"
  • "Hoosiers"
  • "Bang the Drum Slowly"
  • "Rudy"
  • "Raging Bull"
There are plenty more great inspirational sports movies, and some retrospectives out about some of the most inspirational moments in sports, so pop some popcorn, sit back, and watch inspirational sports movies this afternoon!