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Top 5 Best Places To Live

March 8th, 2014 Inspirational

When it comes finding the best places to live, there are a variety of factors for people to consider. Much of the determination comes down to people's personal interests and requirements. Some may prefer a community with a small population and a focus on the arts, history and culture, while others may favor a metropolitan feel with modern infrastructure and a strong financial sector. Although many cities may cater to one or a few of these requirements, there are some places that are able to make a wide range of residents happy with what the area has to offer. Whether it comes down to sports, transportation or even weather, these cities rank as five of the top places to live in the world. 

1. Melbourne, Australia
With perfect rankings for healthcare, education and infrastructure, Melbourne topped The Telegraph's best cities list getting an impressive 97.5 total score. This capital city of the Australian state Victoria is located in the southeastern end of the country, just north of Tasmania. Melbourne includes a city center as well as a variety of diverse neighborhoods that surround the metropolitan area. Despite being the second most populous city in Australia, Melbourne features beautiful architecture, a lively sports scene, the world's largest tram network and fantastic weather. Beautiful landscapes, vineyards, bluffs and beaches are located nearby Melbourne as well. 

2. Zurich, Switzerland
The historical European city is the largest in Switzerland and a financial powerhouse. With consistently high quality-of-life ratings from citizens, Zurich thrives because of its nearly 70 cultural events that occur every day in the city. Although old, Zurich is on the cutting edge when it comes to sustainability. The city has sought to reduce every citizen's power consumption without reducing quality of life at all. In addition to everything else, Zurich is a beautiful city with unique architecture that overlooks the breathtaking Swiss landscape. 

3. Vancouver, Canada
Vancouver consistently makes lists from newspapers and magazines about the best cities. With good healthcare and educational services, it's no wonder people like living in the British Columbian seaport. More than 600,000​ people call the city home, and the government has been working to make Vancouver one of the greenest cities by 2020. Vancouver is also a remarkably safe and healthy city, with ample nature and recreation nearby. 

4. San Francisco/ Palo Alto, United States
The San Francisco and Palo Alto region is frequently in the news because of the many profitable software companies in the area, but lots of different people love living in California's Bay Area. Livability ranked Palo Alto as the best place to live in the U.S., noting its nice weather, nearby colleges, great economy and unique culture. The much larger San Francisco gives residents a more metropolitan feel that still has a wide range of cultural offering from farmers markets on the wharf to historical tours of the city.

5.  Copenhagen, Denmark
One of the premier capital cities of Northern Europe, Copenhagen is the largest city of one of the happiest nations in the world. The lively cycling community has plenty of pride in Copenhagen, which is marked with historic structures, colorful buildings and gorgeous parks. Copenhagen also has great public transportation, a beautiful waterfront, healthy citizens, a strong economy and delicious hot dog stands all over the city.