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Easy Steps to Braiding a Flower Tiara

October 28th, 2011 Jewelry

Many women like to adorn their hair with headbands, clips and decorative ponytail holders. In order to achieve a more ethereal look, you can create your own tiara made of flowers. You can use fresh flowers for a truly natural aesthetic or use fake flowers to create a piece that will last so you can wear it over and over again!

Playful artificial tiara
Artificial blooms can look darling on a young girl celebrating her birthday and can be a fun way to spruce up your own look for a costume or Halloween party. According to Pretty Princess Party Ideas, all you need to do is buy a few plastic flowers, straws, elastic string and plastic beads for decoration. Grab a pair of scissors and cut the straws into pieces that are half an inch long. Cut the elastic string 2 inches longer than the circumference of the head it is being designed for.

Tie the end of the string with a bead to keep the flowers in place, then begin stringing on the flower and straw segments in alternating order. Fasten the two ends of the string together once all of the decorative elements have been added.

Sophisticated fresh flower tiara
Flowers with bendable stems are best suited for crafting a tiara. Pick several blooms and make sure the stems are at least 3 inches long. Braid three stems together, adding a new flower to the end before you braid all the way down to the stem. This technique is somewhat similar to French braiding. Continue adding a new flower to the chain until you reach the desired length. Finish the tiara by integrating the final stem into the stems of the first group of flowers.