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How To Find High-Quality Vintage Clothing and Jewelry

July 3rd, 2012 Jewelry

If you have a flair for vintage decor and have already outfitted your home with vintage curtains, furniture and other classic elements, you might be looking for more ways to indulge your love of everything retro. Why not infuse your personal fashion with some vintage flair? Finding older clothing items and jewelry is easier than you think, but there are some things to keep in mind during your search.

Be prepared with measurements
Sizes throughout the decades have done up and down, so you never know exactly what size you'll be in a particular item. While you might be a six in today's standards, the same size might be too small or large depending on the age of the clothes you're trying on. Take your
measurements beforehand and make sure that they're accurate so you have a rough idea of what will fit even if you can't try it on before buying.

Do thorough inspections
To ensure that you're getting a quality piece, it's essential to inspect every aspect of your vintage clothing item or jewelry piece before purchasing it. Examine the garment or jewelry from all angles, looking for damage, stains, missing pieces and
signs of wear. Turn clothes inside-out as well, then check to see that things like zippers, buttons, hooks and clasps are all in working condition. Make sure clothing smells decent and that any shoes you find are sturdy.

Look for labels
Big-name designers are always a great find, but you can't always know who made an item - especially if you find a piece from way back, like in the 1800s. Clothing pieces that were made before the 1980s usually have union tags attached, which have red, white and blue labels that state the union name and "Made in the U.S.A." This is a great way to tell if the clothes are really vintage. For jewelry items, an appraisal may be necessary.