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Tips for Spotting the Differences Between Real and Fake Diamonds

August 5th, 2013 Jewelry

No one says "Cubic zirconium is forever." This common diamond substitute, as well as a few others, can easily trick those who aren't professionals. While diamond substitutes often have a similar sheen and look, they differ enormously in price. This guide may help show the differences between real and fake diamonds.

Signature shine Diamonds are much shinier than their synthetic counterparts, which is one of the reasons for their huge price tags. According to AOL News, it's nearly impossible for a fake diamond to capture the same brilliance as a real one. Try comparing the stone in question to a real diamond - they should have about the same shine.

Transparency Genuine diamonds have so many reflections happening inside that they're nearly impossible to see through. Try placing the potential diamond on top of a newspaper or other printed surface. If you can read the letters through the piece, it's a good indication that the stone is synthetic, notes Mazal Diamond. 

Weight Using a very sensitive scale, it's possible to determine if your diamond is real or not. Synthetic substitutes, like cubic zirconium, are about twice as heavy as real diamonds - a difference in weight that jewelers will take very seriously. If you don't  have access to such a sensitive scale, try having the diamond appraised and weighed by a professional to be sure.

Breath One of the easiest ways to spot a fake diamond is by breathing on it. A real diamond will fog up for only a few seconds, while many fakes will stay foggy for longer. 

Lab certification It's always a good idea to be absolutely sure when making a purchase as expensive as a diamond. Before purchasing, try perusing diamond certifications through an independent lab. This is the most effective way to ensure that your diamonds are real.