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Budget-Friendly Video Games for Your Kids

January 3rd, 2013 Personal Finance

Kids may have short attention spans, but that doesn't mean you have to break the bank finding exciting new ways to keep them engaged. It might take a bit of clever parenting, but if your children love video games, buying the right titles will keep them busy for months at a time. You just have to steer clear of those games that can be completed quickly, because you can bet the little tykes will burn through it in no time.

The key is finding games with a lot of replay value. Certain titles can be played over and over again without growing stale and reward mastering every nuance, rather than providing an easy path to the finish line. You want to focus your efforts on finding these games. Generally, puzzle-based games can fill this need. They may be easy to learn, but at higher difficulties your kids could take ages to finally clear a particular hurdle.

You can further lower your costs by shopping for used games at your local electronics dealer. Titles that have been out for a long time tend to become heavily discounted - it doesn't matter how old they actually are, if your kid hasn't played a game, then it's new! Games that were once $60 will eventually reach the $20 mark. Pair this fact with finding titles that take a while to finish, and your children will be kept quite busy at a minimal cost to you!

In order to find what games you should focus your attention on, head to a site like Metacritic.com and see what reviewers are saying about the newest batch of entertainment hitting the market.