How To Cut Down On The Cost of Crayons |

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How To Cut Down On The Cost of Crayons

January 3rd, 2013 Personal Finance

Crayons are practically a staple of any child's toy chest. Unfortunately, they also have to be replaced somewhat regularly. Crayons get broken, worn down and lost pretty easily, after all. However, you can actually do quite a bit with those extra scraps of wax. If you'd like to save a bit of money, here's a simple guide on what to do with your leftover crayon stuff, courtesy of The Simple Dollar.

Essentially, there are devices out there known as "crayon makers." You take leftover bits of wax, heat them up until melted, then pour them into a crayon-shaped mold. After a few minutes, you have a lovely multicolored crayon to call your own! However, even if you don't own one of these, you can still apply the principle to your frugal ways.

When a box of crayons has run its course, look inside. At the bottom, you should see plenty of small nubs - they're usually too short for children to be able to use very effectively, but still substantial enough that throwing them out would be a waste. Instead of tossing them in the garbage, make them work for you!

Keep an eye out for silicon molds at the grocery store or yard sales. You can also order them online. Once you have one, take these small nubs and place them inside. Stick it in a 200-degree oven and give the wax about 15 minutes to melt. Now take the mold out of the oven and allow to cool down. Once it reaches room temperature and solidifies, you can pop the wax out of the mold. If need be, you can then cut the wax to a more usable size.