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How to Keep Your Home Safe While You're Away

July 31st, 2013 Personal Finance

Everyone likes a good vacation, but sometimes the worry of leaving the house unattended for more than a few days is enough to spoil the fun. With these simple tips, you can enjoy a stress-free vacation and be sure that your home and belongings are safe.

Stop the mail
If you're going on vacation for more than a few days, there's likely to be a mail pile-up, notes TLC, and this is a clear sign that no one is home. Try contacting your local post office and have them hold your mail. It's also a good idea to suspend newspaper service and not order any packages that would be likely to arrive when you're away.

Get neighborhood help
There's nothing wrong with a little neighborly help, states the Independent Traveler. Even if you do suspend the mail, items like restaurant menus, political flyers or debris from the street could still accumulate around your house. These items hanging around for too long may let people know that you're not at home. Try asking a neighbor, friend or relative to stop by your house a few times while you're away to make sure that everything is looking tidy and well-kept. If possible, try asking if the individual will help you turn different lights in the house on and off to give the illusion of someone being present.

Don't make online announcements
In the digital age, it's a natural temptation to let your friends know that you're leaving town for a while over Facebook, Twitter or other social networks. It may be better not to do this, since it's surprisingly easy for tech-savvy thieves to track down your address if your social networks aren't under the tightest security settings available.

Lock up
This is a simple step that many people tend to forget. Try going around your home and making sure every window and door is locked. It's better to be safe than sorry.