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Lower Expenses By Saving Electricity

January 3rd, 2013 Personal Finance

Slashing the cost of your electric bill each month is simpler than you think. Just use some of these tips to keep your wallet full and the planet greener!

Refrigerator care
You always need to keep your refrigerator on, but there are steps you can take to minimize the electricity it uses while it's running.
- Keep the air vents clear.
- Clean the coils.
- Your fridge doesn't need to be on the coldest setting to prevent its contents from spoiling. Adjust the temperature so it doesn't have to work as hard. The same goes for your freezer.

Laundry management
Minimize the power spent on cleaning your clothes by maximizing each load.
- Untangling your wet clothes before you put them in the dryer will allow it to run more efficiently.
- Clean the lint trap so the moisture will leave easily, helping the cycle finish quicker.
- Run your machine less often by filling it up completely.
- If your dryer has a moisture sensor, turn it on so the apparatus will automatically shut off when the clothes are ready.

Dishwasher protocol
This invention, which has simplified the process of cleaning plates, glasses and silverware, can be used in a way that limits its impact on the environment.
- Turn off the dish drying function on your appliance and let the moisture evaporate naturally.
- If you only have a couple of items, wash them by hand.
- Soaking your dinnerware before you put them in means you can run an energy conservation cycle, which uses less electricity.

Respect the light
Thanks to Thomas Edison, we can work and play late into the night, but don't abuse the freedom offered by the light bulb.
- Turn these beacons off when you're not using them.
- Don’t leave Christmas lights on during the day, as they can't be seen anyway. Make sure it's dark when you do turn them on.
- Painting your walls a lighter color means you won't need as much artificial illumination.

Power off when not in use
Many electronic items are used on a temporary basis, so only turn them on as needed.
- If you're not using your computer, turn it off.
- After a device is charged, unplug the charger. It'll still consume electricity even when it's not attached.
- Take advantage of a product's sleep mode, which means you don't have to continually plug and unplug it, but you'll still save electricity.
- Turn fans off when you're not in the room. They make you feel cooler, but they don't alter the temperature.
- Shut off your main power when you go on vacation so your appliances don't suck up electricity on stand-by.

Benefits of manual labor
Technology has automated many functions, but some are still worth taking into your own hands.
- Avoid using your garage as the main entrance to your house, as the door uses power every time.
- It's not that hard to open a can with a manual opener, and operating it is free compared to an electric one!
- Air dry your hair rather than using a blow dryer. It'll still look good later, and you can save money.
- Throw food in the trash rather than grind it up in a garbage disposal.
- Rake your leaves instead of using a leaf blower. You'll get some exercise and enjoy the weather as you save on electricity! The same goes for shoveling snow!