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Ways to Save Money at the Movies

September 19th, 2011 Personal Finance

Going to see a movie is a great idea for a family outing, a date or even just something to do by yourself. These days, watching a film at the theater can be expensive, often costing more than $10 per ticket if you're not seeing a matinee! Ticket prices coupled with the high-priced snacks can mean you're spending way more than your budget allows. There are ways to save though, so you can spend your hard-earned cash on other things.

The easiest way to save money on a ticket is going to a matinee rather than a prime-time movie. This could save you two to three dollars per ticket and score you better seats, as the theater likely won't be as crowded.

Many theaters offer discounts for free movies, especially during the summer. If you do some research, you may find that your local theater has a discounted movie night or a free film festival coming up. Other local stores or organizations may offer free movie tickets or discounts as incentives for buying their products.

A drive-in theater is a good bargain, since many places offer double-features for the price of one. Some venues ask patrons to pay per car, which means you could fill every seat and only pay one price. The old-fashioned feel is cool and fun for a night out.

If you're going to want snacks during the movie, consider buying your own drinks or candy at a local grocery store, which could save you a lot of money. Just be careful how you bring them in, as some theaters don't allow you to consume your own food. If you buy snacks at the movies, purchase the biggest popcorn or drink there is and share it. You'll pay less per ounce.