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When to Find the Best Deals

February 17th, 2012 Personal Finance

If you want to find the best deals on everything from clothing to electronics, it's important to know when the items typically go on sale. Because stores get new shipments and switch out their collections on a regular basis, it's easy to know when prices will be marked down. Here's when you should go shopping for some of the more common items, according to Real Simple magazine.

1. Furniture is typically on sale in February because new designs come out in the spring. In order to make room for the new shipments, retailers have to get rid of their old stock. Get the best deals by looking for "as is" pieces in furniture showrooms. As long as they're in good condition, they'll be a cheap addition to your decor.

2. Television sets are usually on sale in March. Because new models are debuted in January, retailers look to eliminate their old stock between then and March, when the new shipments arrive. The day after Thanksgiving (Black Friday) is also a good time to get a bargain on a new TV, as long as you're quick!

3. If you like vintage clothing, you can usually score the best deals from thrift shops in April and May. With many people cleaning out their closets each spring, there are tons of new clothing items available at discounted prices. Even furniture and household appliances can be found at thrift stores.

4. July is the best month to find deals on home decor because retailers are taking advantage of wedding season. Many department stores hold sales to increase the amount of people entering their stores.

5. If you want to buy a new bathing suit, you can find them for cheap in August. As the summer winds to a close, retailers are looking to get rid of their old summer stock and make room for new fall shipments.