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How to Help the Stray and Feral Cat Problem

December 6th, 2011 Pets

If you've ever seen a lonely cat outside who may not have a home, there are ways you can help out and prevent more feral kittens from being born. A stray cat is one who probably had a home at one point, but doesn't anymore - you can tell by how friendly it acts toward people. Feral cats are wild animals who have never had much human interaction. Here are a few of the ways you can help strays and feral cats, according to WebMD.

1. Don't create any more stray or feral cats. It goes without saying that you should never abandon your pet cat, but another way to reduce the problem is to make sure your cats are either spayed or neutered. That way, if they go outdoors they won't be able to mate with any stray or feral cats in the area. You may want to consider keeping your cat indoors to keep her safe and prevent her from ever getting lost.

2. If you have the resources, providing food and shelter to wild cats is very generous and can help them a lot. Put out some bowls of food and water and consider setting up some kind of shelter where they can be safe from the elements. The key is to keep it constant, as feral colonies will start to rely on you just like house cats. You should treat them the same way as you would a pet - getting care for them when you're not there.

3. Again, if you have the resources, you may want to consider providing the strays and ferals in your area with veterinary care. If you can't do this, a one time trip to get spayed or neutered will help solve the problem.

Even a small donation to your local animal shelter can help the homeless feline problem, so don't hesitate to help in any way you can!