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How to Keep an Indoor Cat Stimulated

January 30th, 2012 Pets

There are a few reasons to keep an indoor cat stimulated, both mentally and physically. If an animal grows bored, he can start to become restless in his behavior. This manifests itself in a few different ways, but bored cats will typically scratch up the carpet and chew up your wires. Luckily, there are fairly easy to keep happy - here are some tips on how to do so!

1. Give them challenges. Perhaps the most entertaining activity for a cat is the thrill of the hunt. Giving them something to stalk, pursue, pounce and kill is one of the best ways to keep a kitty happy when you're not around! How do you do this? It depends on what gets your cat most active - some chase bugs, while others are more intrigued by mice. Try leaving ping pong balls and food hidden throughout the house to see if they appear more content when you come home.

2. Play more. Take 15 to 30 minutes out of your day to play with your kitty! You may have a busy schedule, but if you give him a bit of attention every evening, it could go a long way toward stopping his restless behavior. Something as simple as jangling your keys could be enough to keep her happy, but you may want to invest in a laser pointer to really get her active and moving around.

3. Build a kitty condo. You can make a small "building" for your cat out of cardboard boxes - just cut a few small windows and give it a multi-tiered layout so she'll have something to run and jump on. This might give her an extra something to do when you're gone.