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The Lowdown on Dog Leashing

March 8th, 2012 Pets

You may think that there's nothing much to dog leashes, but you'd be surprised just how much variety is actually out there. If you've recently brought a new pup home, the leash should be one of the first purchases you make - you'll be using it quite a bit, so make sure you pick one that works for you and your pooch! If you're wondering what your options are, here are a few, courtesy of the Humane Society.

1. Retractable. Retractable leashes consist of thin cord that wind up inside a plastic hub that lengthens or shortens depending on how far away your dog gets. It can also be locked into place to prevent your pooch from wandering further out than you'd like. The main benefit of retractable leashes is that they allow your dog more freedom to walk around and explore as he likes. However, that freedom can also prove to be dangerous - if you're not careful, he may wander into traffic when you're not looking.

2. Bungee. According to, bungee leashes are good for owners who have a problem with their dogs pulling on them constantly. Although ideally you may want to train your pooch to walk along side you, bungee leashes can alleviate a lot of the pressure on your arms. They are also specially designed so that slack doesn't fall on the ground, which means your dog's paws won't get tangled up with the leash.

3. Hands-free. Those who enjoy hiking or jogging with their pooches may find hands-free leashes to be perfect. You typically strap them around your waist or backpack, giving your dog about six feet of slack. These are probably best reserved for particularly well-trained pooches, as you won't be able to yank on the leash to get him under control quite as easily.