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15 Gift Wrapping Ideas For The Holidays

December 28th, 2012 Seasonal

If you want your presents to stand out among all those holiday-themed wrapping papers, learn some easy ways to give your gifts pizazz and class.

1. Use a playing card from an old deck around the house as a name tag to add an element of surprise and pair it with red, black or white paper.

2. Attach a big fabric flower to the top of your wrapped gift to add charm and hide any tape or ends of ribbons.

3. Amp up the sparkle with metallic papers and ribbons for a modern feel.

4. Sheer ribbon is the perfect accompaniment for patterned wrapping paper because it lets the design show through.

5. Homemade colorful hole-punch confetti in a gift bag with tissue paper contributes a playful touch.

6. Tie a Christmas ornament onto a ribbon or bow for a unique look that is also functional.

7. Red and green are holiday color staples, but see if you can find shades and textures that don't necessarily imply Christmas.

8. A wrapping paper with a small, detailed print is pretty and perfect for smaller gifts.

9. Use a buckle to attach your ribbon and make sure it's big and sparkly.

10. Use more than one ribbon to tie up your gift boxes to add interest and texture.

11. Make your own paper snowflakes and attach them as name tags or on the tops of boxes.

12. Tie some jingly bells onto a small box to make sure it isn't forgotten.

13. Tie a ribbon onto a loop, then thread it through another loop for a preppy, belt-like design.

14. Use cutouts of old holiday cards as name tags to attach to your presents.

15. Make a miniature wreath with some leftover boughs for a cute gift topper.

With these tips on hand your presents will be sure to stand out!