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3 Tips for Hosting a Labor Day Party

July 31st, 2013 Seasonal

Labor Day isn't a holiday that people look forward to as much as Christmas or Thanksgiving, but it's one that gives everyone a good reason to get together. Most people have the day off, meaning there's a prime opportunity to host a bash for friends, family and the entire neighborhood - but how can you throw a Labor Day party without going to too much trouble? After all, you want to rest and enjoy your precious free time! Here are some tips for hosting a Labor Day party that is both fun and relaxing.

1. Plan ahead
This means inviting people at least four weeks before the actual event, according to Punchbowl, a celebration tips site. Doing so can give you a better idea of who will be coming. With this information, you can plan everything from food to place settings.

2. Make it a pot luck
Don't want to slave over a hot stove this Labor Day? SheKnows recommended asking your guests to each bring a little something to eat. Those potato salads and macaroni dishes can add up quickly and give everyone a hearty selection of food at the event.

3. Create games
Games can keep both adults and children interested in your party, and your opportunities are endless when you have a lawn at your disposal. Think about setting up a game of horseshoes or badminton in your backyard. If there will be small kids around, consider installing a sprinkler for them to run around in if you predict hot weather. These means of entertainment can keep people going for hours!

Labor Day is a time for food and fun, and taking these tips into account can ensure that everyone you invite has a great time at your party.