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5 Common Symptoms of Spring Fever

April 5th, 2013 Seasonal

Have you ever wondered why you start to feel a little more upbeat once the cold weather starts to recede? Even if you love winter, you likely experience an undeniable change in attitude once the temperatures become warmer and you start showing a little more skin. Spring fever is the most common term used to describe this sensation, but is there really any truth to the feelings we get once flowers begin blooming? Believe it or not, scientists have been focusing on the concept of spring fever and what causes some of these emotions. Here are some of the main symptoms of spring fever that you may experience, as well as explanations for why they occur.

1. You aren't as tired While you might assume the opposite once you turn your clocks forward for Daylight Saving Time, you'll likely notice that you have a little more jump in your step once spring arrives, according to The Huffington Post. This is because the abundance of sunlight and longer days are causing your body to produce less melatonin, the chemical responsible for putting you to sleep. Often, the change in seasons is welcome by those who feel sluggish during the winter.

2. You're happier on a daily basis Even the least optimistic people find themselves looking up once spring arrives, according to Chemistry.com, and it's no coincidence. This boost in happiness can make a positive impact on everything from your marriage to your career.

"One thing we really do know is that there are increases in brain serotonin in the hypothalamus from winter to spring," Norman Rosenthal, clinical professor of psychiatry at Georgetown University, told the news source.

3. You feel more confident While you think you're just looking at yourself in the mirror differently, the fact of the matter is that spring may be responsible for your new outlook on your body and personality. If you find yourself to be more confident during this season, thank the weather and abundance of natural light! 

Trina Read, a sexologist, told Chemistry.com that the seasonal changes give people more encouragement when it comes to exercise and healthy eating - everyone wants to achieve a bikini body! Regardless of whether they achieve it, they're more likely to make positive lifestyle changes during the spring when the weather is perfect for outdoor exercise and activities.

4. You're in the mood more often If you and your spouse have hit a bump in the road when it comes to your sex life, spring might be just the thing you need to rekindle the flame. Research shows that this season is ideal for improving your situation under the sheets. Variations in sperm count and triggered hormones in both men and women are thought to be the causes of this, according to the Los Angeles Times. If you suddenly find yourself in the mood once the seasons change, you may want to thank spring!

5. You feel more energetic outside Because you're spending more time outdoors in the warm weather, you're giving your body a chance to absorb some critical vitamin D from the sun, according to AskMen.com. This in combination with endorphins and improved blood flow, can make you more energetic and excited to be outside during the spring. If you're looking for motivation to work out, just step onto your patio and feel the sun's warmth!

Whether you're already feeling spring fever or you're still waiting for your winter blues to go away, keep these five symptoms in mind. As soon as you begin experiencing them, you'll be a little happier knowing why they're occurring in your body.