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Alternative Ideas For Valentine's Day

February 7th, 2014 Seasonal

Let's face it - romantic dinners and boxes of candy might be classic Valentine's Day gifts, but they're not exactly creative. In fact, falling back on the old standbys might lead your honey to wonder whether you put enough thought into your Valentine's Day plans. So, if you really want to let your sweetheart know how much he or she means to you, you might want to consider thinking outside the box. 

New spins on Valentine's Day traditions
If you want to change things up a bit for Valentine's Day, think about your significant other's hobbies and interests and tailor the day around those. For instance, check out the list on The source's recommendations are all over the place - including heading out to see live comedy or music, going on a road trip, rock climbing, bowling and other types of exercise. As everyone's boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife certainly has individual quirks to celebrate, why stop there? Perhaps you're celebrating Valentine's Day with a fan of fireworks. If so, gather up whatever's left over from the Fourth of July, make sure you're in an area where fireworks are legally permitted, and blow some stuff up in the name of love. 

Remember - it's the little things that count
A fireworks display is all well and good, but sometimes the smaller, sincere gestures of affection go a lot further. The website offers some excellent advice for Valentine's Day. Even though most of it is tailored toward men, some of its tips could work just as well for women. For instance, a heart-shaped fried egg with "I love you" written in ketchup around the plate sounds like a precursor to some morning lovin', as does leaving a love letter somewhere where it will surprise your sweetheart. 

Consider going on an adventure
Maybe you and your special someone aren't the kind of people who go for fancy dinners or romantic movies, but rather live to get your hearts racing whenever you can. If this is the case, The Huffington Post recommended that you look into bungee jump deals for two, where you can spend Valentine's Day flying through the air, doing something truly unique. Along with bungee jumping, you could also look for deals on skydiving passes for two - something that's on many people's bucket lists. 

Have a party with your single pals
Don't have a partner on Valentine's Day? Who says you can't still enjoy this special holiday? If you find yourself single this time of year, then invite some of your single friends over and spend the day celebrating friendship rather than romantic love. 

Skip the day all together
Sometimes, the thought of dealing with crowded restaurants and movie theaters on Valentine's Day can feel like too much. If this is the case, you and your partner may want to just skip the day completely and reschedule it for the following day or week. No one says you can only celebrate your love one day a year!