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Angelic Films To Watch This National Angel Food Cake Day

September 28th, 2013 Seasonal

Do you have a sweet tooth for dishes that are light and airy? Well, you'll be happy to know that this October 10 marks National Angel Food Cake Day - a day when Americans can celebrate in the heavenly charms of this delicious dessert. Fluffy and full of flavor, angel food cake is a type of pastry that got its name from being so light that it could only be described as "food for the angels."

If you're planning to celebrate this unique holiday, no doubt you'll be working away in your home's kitchen to bake up an incredible angel food cake - maybe along with a few other sweet treats. But after a long day with your oven and mixing bowls, chances are you'll want to kick back and relax while you enjoy the fruit of your labors. What better way to do this than with a marathon of films featuring - you guessed it - angels! Here are a handful of great angelic movies for you and your whole family to enjoy this National Angel Food Cake Day.

Angels in the Outfield

Sports fans will fall in love with this 1994 Disney movie starring Danny Glover, Christopher Lloyd, Tony Danza and a young Joseph Gordon-Levitt - and there are even early cameos from Adrien Brody ad Matthew McConaughey! A remake of the 1951 film of the same name, Angels in the Outfield follows foster children Roger (Gordon-Levitt) and J.P. who are fans of the down-and-out California Angels baseball team.

Roger's absentee father tells him that their family will be together again when the Angels win the pennant, which prompts Roger to pray for the team to start winning. Amazingly, during the next game in the season, Roger begins seeing angels coming down from the sky to assist the Angels' players in making key plays on the field, which starts a winning streak that makes them one of the surprise underdog successes of Major League Baseball. The Angels' general manager George Knox (Glover) learns of Roger's gift and makes him the team's secret weapon for the season.


In this fantastic 1999 comedy from director Kevin Smith, Ben Affleck and Matt Damon play Bartleby and Loki, a pair of fallen angels who have found themselves trapped in Wisconsin for eternity due to a disagreement with God. Frustrated with their lot in life, the two angels learn of a loophole that will absolve them from all their sins and let them back into heaven. Unfortunately and unbeknownst to them, this loophole will also prove their infallible God wrong - unmaking all existence.

On top of this, it turns out God has been trapped in a mortal body while visiting Earth - leaving all of heaven without a clue about how to stop Bartleby and Loki. As a last ditch effort, the angelic Metatron (played by Alan Rickman) visits a woman named Bethany Sloane (Linda Fiorentino) and tasks her with preventing the rogue angels from entering heaven. Along the way, she receives help from a pair of "prophets" named Jay and Silent Bob (Jason Mewes and Kevin Smith), a muse (Salma Hayek) and the thirteenth apostle of Christ (Chris Rock).


Nora Ephron directs this unbelievable 1996 film starring John Travolta as the Archangel Michael. Visiting Earth on vacation from heaven, Michael is hardly what you might expect an angel to be like - dirty, messy, vulgar, boisterous and a chain smoker. However, he does have a pair of wings, which prompts a tabloid journalist crew from the National Mirror to investigate his appearance in a small Iowa town. However, the team slowly begins to learn that there may be more to Michael than meets the eye - even for an angel.