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Crafty Fourth of July Projects for Kids

December 28th, 2012 Seasonal

While the food preparations for your backyard Fourth of July barbecue might be reserved for grownups, kids can get also channel a festive feeling by creating red, white and blue decorations. These homemade crafts will likely add liveliness and a sense of patriotism to your shindig.

Red, white and blue hand wreaths

This craft idea from is a fun and collaborative activity that everyone in the family can enjoy. After gathering materials such as red, white and blue construction paper, scissors and glue, it's easy to get started. First, have each person trace their hands on multiple pieces of paper. Then, cut them out using the outlines and arrange them in a circular shape. You can layer the various-sized cutouts by placing the small ones in front and the bigger ones in back.

Fourth of July Pinwheel

Pinwheels mix the artistic flair with logical puzzle-building skills that make constructing them a fun and creative challenge. Your first step is obtaining a pinwheel-star outline. These can be printed offline or located in various craft books. Next, have your children adorn it with red, white and blue markers, paint or colored pencils. After it's colored in, you'll need a thumbtack and a dowel. Each end of the star should be folded in and pierced with the tack, which will then be stuck to the dowel. When construction is complete, you can add glitter or shiny star-shaped stickers to the project.

Patriotic Wind Sock

If you're expecting some gusts of wind on your July 4th, then a wind sock is the perfect craft for you and the kids. suggests locating a cylindrical oatmeal container and cutting the top and bottom off. You then can wrap it in blue construction paper and adorn it with white paper stars. For the tail, hang streamers or pieces of red and white construction paper on the back. Finally, string it up by placing a loop of twine or yarn across the top.