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Four Fun Fall Activities to Take Advantage Of

December 28th, 2012 Seasonal

The autumn brings about a distinct change in nature's appearance along with seasonably cool temperatures that make the outdoors more pleasurable than ever. Here are a few fun activities that you might want to take advantage of this fall.

Apple picking

Apple season is in full swing, and orchards everywhere are welcoming the masses. You and your family won't only be able to pick the freshest fruit, but snacking is encouraged and you'll have fun walking among the rows of trees as you look for the plumpest and prettiest pickings. Many orchards also offer tasty apple products like homemade cider and doughnuts.

Good-natured screaming

With the beginning of fall comes the preparations for Halloween. This spooky holiday is not only marked by custom costumes and creepy home decor, but haunted houses. Haunted houses are affordable, fun destinations where you can venture through dark mazes where chilling surprises lurk in the shadows. Warning - some haunted houses aren't for the faint of heart!


You can always use the foliage to make crafty decorations. One example that HGTV recommends is a fall wreath. Buy a plain wreath, and with a hot glue gun, adorn it with orange and yellow ribbon, faux berries and pine cones. Go into your backyard and pick some colorful leaves to add to your wreath as well.

Pumpkin carving

Visit a local pumpkin patch with your children and pick out one or two. Afterward, have a night of messy fun, hallowing out your plump seasonable vegetables and carving crazy faces in them to make a few jack-o'-lanterns. You don't necessarily need to discard the pumpkin guts, either. Instead, use the insides in baked goods like pumpkin bread or salt and roast the seeds for a delicious snack.