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Fun Summer Activities For the Whole Family

July 10th, 2013 Seasonal

Finding the right summer activities to keep your whole family happy can be tough. You and your partner want to relax and have fun, and you also want to keep your kids entertained. While you may be complaining about how short the summer was when fall rolls around, right now it may feel as though the warmer months are dragging on and you have nothing fun to do. Luckily, there are many fun summer activities that you may not have thought of that could help you fill the days for the next few months. 

Make a summer bucket list
Babble suggested that everyone should make a summer bucket list. You and your family members can each make your own, or make one together as a family. Write down all of the things you'd like to do before summer ends, and then map out a plan for how you can accomplish them. You may find that you and your kids have some similar summer goals, such as to hit the beach at least three times or take a short trip somewhere. Babble recommended adding some random acts of kindness to the list to do during the summer. For instance, you can water a neighbor's plants or bake some cookies and hand them out to people in the neighborhood. 

Go for nostalgia
Real Simple magazine stated that some of the best activities you can do in the summer are the ones that make you think of a simpler time. If your kids have been spending all day on the computer or watching TV, you should encourage them to put down their electronics and participate in some classic summer events that don't require a charger. For example, you could go in your backyard and play an old childhood game like tag or hide and seek. Another thing you may want to do is look and see if your town has any drive-in movie theaters nearby, which are just as much fun as they were decades ago. 

Turn to food
The summer is a great time to eat some delicious seasonal foods, so consider making a checklist of the best warm weather fare to chow on before the fall arrives. Lobster, corn on the cob, watermelon, ice cream and lemonade are all classic things to eat and drink in the summer. Also, you should have a barbecue with all of your friends or go on a picnic with your family. If you're not the best cook, you may be able to take the summer to learn. Look and see if your local adult education center has any fun classes on how to cook, or any other interesting classes, for that matter. These are great and tasty ways to spend some hours in the summer. 

Head outdoors
During the summer, you should try to spend as much time outdoors as possible. Make it a goal to sleep under the stars at least once this summer and go on a hike a few times. You can also hit the local community pool, go biking around your neighborhood and go fishing. 

Just relax
When the weather outside is beautiful, you may feel pressured to always be doing something. However, the summer is about relaxing and taking some time to unwind, so don't feel bad if there are some days that you simply want to spend sitting on the couch in your air-conditioned home. Instead of spending the day watching TV, though, you should consider reading a book that you never seem to have time for, or maybe try to pick up a new skill like knitting.