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Halloween Games

December 29th, 2012 Seasonal

If you're hosting a Halloween party this year, make sure your bash is one to remember by incorporating a few fun games that kids and adults alike will enjoy. Once you've decorated and made a couple of creepy foods, read up on these games, inspired by MarthaStewart.com and PatyGameIdeas.com.

Hanging doughnuts This game is easy to set up and fun to watch people play. Just hang a bunch of doughnuts from ribbons or string. You could do this in between trees in your backyard or figure something out inside. Then, challenge guests to be the first one to eat an entire doughnut without using their hands or letting it fall on the ground.

Pumpkin bowling Since pumpkins aren't perfectly round, you never know where they're going to roll. Set up a bowling alley in your hallway or driveway using soda bottles or cans. Then, have your guests try to knock them over using a pumpkin. You could keep score or just let them have fun.

Apple bobbing This classic game is fun for everyone. Just fill a bin with water and several apples, putting a coin or other small treat inside a few if you want to. Then, have your party-goers fish the apples out of the water using just their teeth. You may want to tie participants' hands behind their backs with a handkerchief to avoid any cheating!

Witch hunt This game is basically a scavenger hunt, but all the items will be Halloween related. Simply hide spooky objects throughout your house or backyard, then write clues about where each object is located. Mix the clues up so your guests will know where to go next, then give the person or team who finds the most objects a prize.