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How to Decorate Your Cake

December 29th, 2012 Seasonal

Baking a special cake for someone you know on their birthday or for another important occasion is a great gesture. Make sure you pick the flavor they like, then wow them with a couple of these decorating tips to present a work worthy of a budding pastry chef.

You don't want to ruin the cake with messy writing, but it can be hard to do it neatly. To avoid illegible names and messages, just use a toothpick to plan out where the script will be first. Draw light lines in the frosting where each word will go, then lightly trace the letters in your best handwriting. If you make a mistake, just smooth over the frosting and start over. When you're done, take a tipped pastry bag (or a plastic bag with a small cut in the corner) to trace the words. Perfect!

Frosting balls
Adding little balls of colorful frosting is an easy way to decorate a cake around the top border or at the base. Just use a tipped pastry bag to squeeze out frosting with the tip buried in the center. When you get it to the size you want, lift the tip of the bag out gently and use the edge of it to wipe off the point so the frosting ball is perfectly round.

Frosting bows
These are a nice touch for any special occasion. Just take your pastry bag and use a petal tip (or cut a thin line into the corner) so the frosting will look like a ribbon when it's squeezed out. Then make a figure eight design for the bow and finish with two trailing lines underneath. Pretty!