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How to Have a Perfect Picnic

July 11th, 2013 Seasonal

This summer, you may be worried about finding fun things to do with your family. One fun thing that you can do with your whole gang is go on a picnic, which is a cheap and easy way to turn a boring afternoon into an exciting event. However, if you've never been on a picnic before, then you may not know what to bring on it. Don't worry, though - it can be very simple to pack for the perfect picnic - all you have to do is bring a few simple items. 

For example, Real Simple magazine states that when packing for a picnic, you'll want to make sure that you bring foods that are easy to eat and don't require utensils. Sandwiches, chips, fruits and cut-up vegetables are all good options - just be sure to avoid putting mayonnaise on anything, since your food might be in the sun for a bit. Also, don't forget to bring plenty of beverages for everyone, such as juice, soda and bottled water. 

Kitchen Daily recommends that you discard any food that's been out of a cooler for more than two hours on a sunny day, since they may be spoiled. Also, be sure to pack all of your foods in a sealable plastic container so they don't spoil. 

While most people know that when you're throwing a picnic you should bring along a blanket, you should also consider bringing along some throw pillows so you'll have something soft to sit on, since sitting on the ground for a long period of time can be a bit uncomfortable. 

Finally, consider having a picnic at night. If you bring some portable lights along or even some candles, it can be a lot of fun.