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How To Create The Perfect Easter Basket

April 12th, 2014 Seasonal

Stores everywhere are already preparing to stock Easter-themed decorations, gifts and cards. Surprise your family and friends with a considerate basket or gift bag this season. Here are some things an Easter basket or gift bag shouldn't go without!

Candy It may seem obvious, but never forget to consider allergies when buying Easter candy! There's nothing like a trip to the emergency room to put a damper on your holiday. Cadbury Eggs and chocolate bunnies are classic, but be sure to find out what your loved one's favorite candy is or if he or she has a preference for a certain brand of gum or mints. Egg-shaped chocolates scattered at the bottom of the basket are a nice touch, and putting other candies at the top adds variety. Peeps are common this time of year, but if the idea of marshmallows covered in sugar doesn't appeal to you, substitute them for nuts or fruit.

Small gifts Take into account what the Easter basket recipient might need or want. Office or school supplies and small accessories are useful for adolescents, students and adults alike, and purchasing them in bright springtime colors makes them seasonally appropriate. For young children, get things like Easter bunny windup toys, small stuffed animals or rubber balls in festive bright or pastel colors. Giving an egg-dyeing kit creates a fun holiday activity for the whole family. Spring sports-related equipment is a great gift for all - baseballs, mitts and golf balls all make for fun small gifts.

Plants Plants can be excellent gifts on their own, and buying the seeds makes it possible to put them in a basket or bag. Lilies are a common Easter plant, though they shouldn't be planted until late May, so giving bulbs or potted lilies is more convenient. Begonias come in great Easter colors, such as pale orange and yellow, but like lilies, they shouldn't be planted until later in the spring. They grow best in lightly shaded flower beds, so seed them under a small tree or near a bush. For the floriculturally challenged, a cactus or an aloe plant will be less of a hassle.

Presentation Baskets come in all different shapes and colors. An adult might appreciate a neutral-colored wicker basket that can be used in the coming months, and baskets in pinks, blues, yellows and greens may appeal more to children. Loose grass is commonly used to adorn a basket or bag, and can also be put in bowls with hollow painted eggs for decoration. Fake grass is another fun alternative. Plastic gift bags come with Easter-themed motifs, and you can always paint a paper bag to add a handmade touch. Pastel paint pens can be used to draw dots or stripes, and stencils and stamps in the shape of eggs, bunnies and ducks are available at most craft stores.

Personalize Don't forget to personalize some of your gifts. For example, a baseball enthusiast might enjoy trading cards, and there are often TV- or movie-themed small gifts available for a media buff. Taking the recipient's interests into account shows that you put thought into your gift. Stationary printed with initials or monogrammed items are a good alternative for someone you don't know as well. Typically, monogrammed items include handkerchiefs, pens, cufflinks and glassware.

Always include a thoughtful handwritten card! And, if you don't have time to put together a full basket, a gift certificate is an equally kind gesture.