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How To Make the Ultimate S'mores Treat

December 29th, 2012 Seasonal

S'mores date back to the 1920s after being invented by the Girls Scouts, but it's safe to say they're still thoroughly enjoyed by those in contemporary society who seek to satiate their sweet tooth. S'mores can be customized for individual perfection and their inexpensive ingredients are great for guilt-free indulgence. Here are a few must-have ingredients for creating the ultimate s'more.

The marshmallow

The marshmallow is the central component of a s'mores treat - after all, it's what provides the gooey consistency and a large portion of the flavor. You can enjoy it raw and have your marshmallow maintain its abundant fluffiness, or you can heat it. Some people may prefer their marshmallow lightly toasted while others enjoy burning theirs to a crisp in order to experience that ultra-crunchy exterior.


If the marshmallow could be likened to the meat of the sandwich then the chocolate is the vegetable. It adds a crunchy texture to offset the soft marshmallow and its taste is of vital importance. Traditionally Hershey bars are used, but you can select any type of chocolate to suit your preference, whether it's white chocolate or even a candy bar filled with caramel or coconut. The delectable options are endless!

Graham crackers

The cracker is what bookmarks each end of your s'more and provides the great crunchy contrast of all. Feel free to add chocolate graham crackers or perhaps ones infused with cinnamon and sugar. Using honey or a sweet-flavored adhesive, you can adorn the crackers with sprinkles or other super-sweet morsels.

Traditionally s'mores are eaten around the campfire, but they can be enjoyed in any setting. If you're whipping up this treat indoors, suggests constructing your s'mores beforehand then putting them on a baking sheet. Cooking them whole in the oven will allow the marshmallows to melt evenly, making for a convenient, indisputably delicious treat.