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How to Pack Up Your Party Food

December 29th, 2012 Seasonal

When bringing food to a party, you'll need to pack it effectively so it stays fresh and preserves your careful preparation. It's best to arrive with a ready-to-eat item that doesn't require heating. Place it in a proper serving dish to avoid making your hostess scramble to accommodate your recipe last minute.

Hot dishes
If you made your famous green bean casserole, you want it to be hot when you arrive without making a mess. An easy way to transport this kind of dish is to place it in a cardboard box padded with towels. Roll them up to fit underneath, along the sides and on top of the dish. This will keep the food insulated so it won't lose heat, and if you pack it tight enough, it shouldn't spill. (If it does, those towels will absorb it.)

Bite-sized appetizers
Finger foods like spanakopita are difficult to control once you get them in the car. Avoid sliding snacks by placing them on a baking sheet and wrapping them tightly with tinfoil or saran wrap. Put the tray on a non-skid mat in the trunk or the backseat to ensure that the package doesn't end up squished on one side.

Cold dishes
As with hot dishes, cold dishes require temperature control for optimum enjoyment. Stick your container in a box or bag and surround it with crumpled newspaper, which acts as good, non-heating insulation. Surround it with some ice packs if you're really worried, and throw out the wet paper when you get there. Your course should arrive in perfect condition.