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How To Plan an Easter Egg Hunt

December 29th, 2012 Seasonal

With Easter right around the corner, perhaps you're looking for something you can do to keep your kids engaged throughout the day. Have you taken the time to hard-boil several dozen eggs and encourage your kids to dye and paint them as they see fit? If so, then the stage is set for an Easter egg hunt! Invite all of the neighborhood children over for a rousing good time in the beautiful spring weather. Planning an egg hunt is actually pretty easy, too! If you're not sure where to begin, here's a simple guide on what you can do with your home.

First, you'll want to prepare your backyard for a party. Hang colorful streamers and other decorations throughout the space. You can even set up a small table for refreshments, as there will probably be a few parents in attendance as well.

You'll also want to head out to the yard and hide eggs wherever you can - in bushes, up against trees and under small piles of grass. Make sure they're not too difficult to find, or you could end up with a smelly problem in a few weeks!

Set aside a stack of brown paper bags and various crafting supplies like glue, markers, glitter and stickers. As they arrive, encourage your young guests to decorate their bags as they like. This will be what they store their eggs in.

Give the kids 15 or 20 minutes to race around and find the eggs - whoever finds the most wins a giant chocolate bunny! Plus, you can play great games with the eggs after the hunt, like an egg toss or a relay race while balancing them on a spoon.