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How to Plan the Ultimate Backyard Barbecue

December 29th, 2012 Seasonal

Barbecues are a great way to take advantage of the warm summer weather, and with dwindling time left for short-sleeved shirts, you may want to throw one last shindig. Here are a few helpful tips to make it a party worth remembering.


Start inviting everyone early so they can mark the event on their calendars and you'll be guaranteed to have a good showing. You may want to use the internet and social media outlets like Facebook to spread the word, or you can demonstrate your crafty side by making homemade invitations. To gauge how many people will be in attendance, you may want to ask for an RSVP.


Fun activities can elevate your barbecue from ordinary to extraordinary. Lawn games such as volleyball, croquet and kickball are the ultimate way to infuse some friendly competition into your get-together, while creating a fun environment that allows everyone to socialize. Before your barbecue begins, make sure you have the proper equipment and space for these activities.


Decorations add a festive flair and show your enthusiasm for fun. Whether they're streamers, curling ribbon or great tableware, the more effort you put into decorating, the more it'll pay off. As it gets dark, feel free to bust out those tiki torches to keep the party going long after the sun sets. These will also help ward off any pesky pests like mosquitoes.

Food and beverages

Barbecues are synonymous with great food and drinks. While the normal grill grub will satisfy most of your guests, make sure to consider everyone. If you invited people who abstain from meat or perhaps have a gluten allergy, you can cater to them with some veggie burgers, tofu dogs and gluten-free bread. Many of the adults will want to indulge in an alcoholic beverage or two, so be sure to have a variety that'll please everyone, but don't forget about the little ones - have a large supply of soda, juice and water.