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Outdoor Activities For Spring

December 30th, 2012 Seasonal

With temperatures starting to warm up, you may be just about ready to get outside and spend some time in the sun. Perhaps you're wondering what you should do now that the weather's nice. It's time to put away those skis and pick up a tennis racket! There's plenty to do now that the weather is nice again. Here are a few things that you should try out.

1. Go for a run. While it's easy to talk yourself out of a brisk morning jog in the winter, now that the warmth and sunshine are back, why not get back into the habit? This is a great way to start working off any extra pounds you may have put on throughout the winter - plus, that time in the sun can help you get a head start on your summer tan. Not bad!

2. Gardening. Chances are, the last frost of winter has passed, which means you can start working on your garden right away! If you're planning to plant something like tomatoes, place them indoors for a few weeks and transfer them outside a bit later. This will help them grow stronger.

3. Bike around town. What's more enjoyable than spending a lazy afternoon cycling around your hometown? You may have forgotten how beautiful the place is when the trees are in full bloom, which is why this is a great idea. Bring the entire family! Pack a picnic lunch and you've got yourself a wonderful way to spend an idle Sunday afternoon.

Spring is a wonderful time filled with great activities - just use your imagination and you're sure to find something everyone can enjoy.